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Canteen furniture since 2006

As experts in canteen furniture since 2006, we understand that commercial canteen tables and benches need to cater for all appetites and withstand constant, day-to-day use.

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Can my canteen tables be both durable and great looking?

Can my canteen tables be both durable and great looking?

Available in a huge range of colours, canteen bench seating and bench table styles, our hard-wearing, practical designs work with any decor. For example, an executive office might go for sleek and minimalist white canteen tables or perhaps even an iconic round table with cone shaped base.

  1. A large college dining room might choose a canteen table and chairs or matching benches in bright colours, but with subtle designer touches and shades to keep a grown-up feel.
  2. A primary school will enjoy the fact that our hard-wearing tables and benches come in over 100 different colours without worrying about their dining furniture being hard to clean or move around.
Should I choose round or long dining tables?

Should I choose round or long dining tables?

  • Cafe and restaurant owners know that a choice of round or long canteen tables and benches can create new ways to fit extra diners into existing spaces, allowing them the opportunity to cater for large groups much more easily.
  • Again the sheer range of dining table designs and styles allows us to offer a canteen table and bench set that will suit any commercial interior - and even exterior. Ask us for advice on space planning.
Do Spaceist sell outdoor dining furniture?

Do Spaceist sell commercial outdoor canteen furniture?

We have a wide selection of picnic benches and tables, allowing you to make use of commercial outdoor canteen furniture spaces to create new eating areas as well as extra spaces for staff relaxation, breakout and leisure activities. Like our indoor cafe furniture, canteen table and chairs are very stylish, extremely robust and extra durable.

Does Spaceist furniture come with a guarantee?

Does Spaceist furniture come with a warranty?

We’ve been in the commercial furniture business since 2006 and have supplied canteen tables and benches to hundreds of companies, schools and universities. We understand exactly how hard your dining room furniture has to work, and we’re so confident in our abilities that our furniture comes with a 5 year warranty.

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