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School Office Furniture

Our carefully curated selection of school office furniture combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a productive and inspiring environment for both students and staff.

Whether you need an office desk, chairs or just a reception desk we have a modern range of made to order furniture to fit your office space perfectly. Choose from commercial materials like hard-wearing laminate, glass, colourful fabrics and glossy features.

If you need help planning your school office call our experts on 020 8840 6298 who will guide you through the options, sizes, colours and costs. If you need something a bit more bespoke we can also help you.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


With a track record of 16 years in the furniture industry

With 16 years in the furniture industry, we bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to every educational space.

Discover the perfect solution for your school office furniture needs at Spaceist, the leading supplier in the UK.

Types of school office furniture

Types of school office furniture

We have a large range of furniture for schools including receptions and offices. Furniture includes office chairs which are ergonomically designed. Meeting room tables to seat a large group of teachers. School reception furniture can include a school office reception desk in bespoke sizes and sofas with wipeable vinyl seats. As school office furniture suppliers we have been working within the education sector since 2006 so have a wealth of experience in all these areas.

School office furniture for any space

School office furniture for any space

School office furniture is available in a verity of options from reception desks, reception seating and office desks. All these types of furniture come in various sizes so will fit most school offices.

Reception desks with matching storage

School reception desks with matching storage

From high or low-line school reception furniture with matching furniture, to modern designer reception chairs, modular seating and school-grade sofas, your entrance spaces can be transformed using modular seating into practical, functional workspaces that create amazing first impressions for pupils, parents and visitors.

Large school desks & tables

Large school desks & tables

For back school offices, study areas and college common rooms we have a great selection of meeting tables that can seat up to 18 people - allowing for simpler school office furniture design.

Bespoke office furniture

Bespoke school office furniture

Make the most of precious space with modular furniture and seating that allows you to create bespoke modular sofa layouts and grouped team work areas in even the most awkwardly shaped rooms.

School furniture FAQs

What furniture should be in an office?

First consider who is using the office and decide what types of school office furniture they twill need to complete their job properly and efficiently. Most school offices need to include desks, a office chairs and storage. All these types of furniture come in many designs, colours and configurations

  1. Desk features include:
    height adjustability, folding tops, cable management, screens and power sockets
  2. Office chair features include:
    Adjustable seat height, back tilt, lumber support and castors
  3. Storage features includes:
    A vast number of configurations that can include coat hooks, hanging files, drawers and shelves for heavy items

What should I consider when choosing school office furniture?

There are certain factor you should consider when selecting school office furniture. These include reception desks, meeting room tables, office chairs and office desks.

These include:

  • What is your budget
  • Will the furniture fit in the space
  • How hard-wearing is the furniture
  • How long does the furniture take to order
  • What are the delivery costs
  • Can the furniture be assembled
  • Is there a warranty included

Are there specific safety standards for school office furniture?

There may be certain fire safety standards for your building. These details can be sourced from your fire officer or building owner. All the upholstered seating comes with a fire rating but you may need a Crib5 fire rated reception area furniture.

What types of storage solutions are available for school office furniture?

Good storage solutions can make a big difference to an office space. You can choose from various solutions including low, medium or high storage with sliding or traditional door storage. The storage interior can be fitted with shelves, hanging files, coat hangers and bespoke options. Storage for meeting rooms, reception desks and storage to match your office desks is available.

Can school office furniture be customised to fit specific space requirements?

All our school office furniture is made to order so can be made to a customised size to fit a specific office space. Choose the width, height and depth you need and contact us for a furniture quote.

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