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Modular School Furniture

When it comes to school furniture, space and versatility is key. Schools are ever-changing environments, which is where our modular furniture comes in. Our modular school furniture is designed to fit into and around every corner, allowing optimal use of space.

Our modular collection offers a range of sizes, shapes and colour options to suit the school's branding, keeping a consistent brand image throughout. No matter the obstacles, you’ll find the perfect fit.

Our circle modular cubes can be arranged to make seating around pillars to ensure each available space is utilised, even in the most awkward areas. If you’re looking to offer students or visitors some privacy, our high back modular booths are designed to create a safe and quiet area whilst saving space at the same time.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What are the Benefits of Modular Furniture?

What are the Benefits of Modular School Furniture?

Modular school furniture offers several benefits, making it a popular choice for both school and office environments. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Flexibility and Versatility: Modular school furniture can be easily rearranged, adapted, or expanded to suit changing needs or spaces. This flexibility is ideal for adapting to different room layouts or for repurposing furniture over time. Our modular sofas come with the optional add-on of plugs and USB sockets for extra convenience.
  2. Space-Saving: Many modular pieces are designed to fit into small spaces or to serve multiple functions, which is great for maximising space in smaller waiting areas or breakout rooms.
  3. Customisation: You can tailor modular seating for schools to your specific needs and preferences, choosing components that fit your space and style. Our Modular Guilford cubes are available in over 100 colours, a perfect option for matching the rest of the school furniture.
  4. Easy to Move and Transport: Since modular school furniture can often be disassembled, it's easier to move and transport compared to traditional furniture. This is particularly beneficial for people who move frequently.
  5. Cost-Effective: In the long run, modular school furniture can be more cost-effective. Its adaptability means you can modify or add to your existing furniture instead of buying new pieces when your needs change. Our modular breakout seating doubles as a chair and a table, so there’s no need to spend extra on tables.
Delivery & installation of your school booth seating

Delivery & installation of your school booth seating

We provide a full delivery, assembly, installation and packaging removal service so your modular tables or modular soft seating are ready to use straight away.

Do you need school sofas that come apart for delivery?

We have a range of modular sofas which can be delivered flat and assembled in your room of choice. We also have a range of school sofas that come apart for small doorways if needed.

5-year furniture warranty

5-year furniture warranty

Furniture that is used in secondary schools and common rooms needs to withstand a high level of use by students and staff. Furniture like modular tables and modular soft seating will be regularly moved around and used in many different situations.

For this reason we offer a 5-year warranty as standard on all our furniture. What happens if I have a problem? We rarely have any issues with our modular furniture for schools but if you do please call 020 8840 6298 and we will resolve any issues.

Modular School Furniture FAQs

Can I order the modular furniture in my school colours?

  • Yes, there is a massive range of fabric and vinyl colours to choose from so finding a close match your school colours should not be a problem
  • Consider using small sections of education furniture in your school colours mixing with plainer or neutral colours
  • For advice on choosing the right colour ask our furniture experts

Is the vinyl material wipe-clean?

Yes, the vinyl upholstery material can be wipe-cleaned using a damp cloth and mild washing up liquid. The modular seating material is stain resistant, anti-bacterial and very hard wearing which makes the modular sofa sections very suitable for universities, schools and colleges.

The satin finish vinyl is embossed with a leather pattern to give the modular sofa or modular classroom seating a natural leather  look and feel.

Is the seating suitable for secondary schools?

Yes, the modular school seating is designed to be used in any primary, secondary, college or university. The seating is made with high quality commercial foam and upholstery materials so it durable and can withstand all day use by students.

Can the seat height be made fit primary school children?

Yes, the seating is made to order and the seat height can be adjusted to fit primary school children. The standard seat height for the Modular Sofa range is 42 cm and the soft seating can be adjusted down or up to suit the users. Please contact us with  what you require and a furniture quote can be prepared for you.

Can the back height be made higher?

Yes, the back height can be adjusted from 75 cm up to 110 cm like the high back booth. You can also add buttons to the back in three different patterns and in a contrasting colour.

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