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Common Room Furniture

Sixth form furniture needs to look good enough for the most demanding audiences as well as being extra hard-wearing.

We have flexible furniture solutions for study and socialising - from fitted bench seating in colourful (and wipe clean!) faux leather to modular and soft seating, to cosy booths for quiet study and space-saving corner sofas.

Power sockets

We’ve even thought about useful extras like built in power and USB charging sockets that can be surface mounted into any of our common room sofas or bench style seating.


All our student common room furniture is suitable for intensive commercial use in schools, colleges and universities. We are experts in supplying well made common room furniture.

Take a look at these recent case studies featuring our bespoke furniture design solutions for common rooms and youth centres in and around London.

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  • youth centre modular cubes reception sofas

    Modular Cube Seating | Caterham Youth Centre


    Square vinyl soft seating with Trumpet style reception table. Vinyl colours include lime, green, black, grey, orange or red.
    82cm cube | 42cm corner cube

  • red grey mod university bar seating

    Modular Cubes | Arts Uni Bournemouth


    Modular Cubes upholstered in red and silver grey leather. Large number of shapes plus vinyl and fabric colours.
    82cm cube | 42cm corner cube | corner cube

  • purple green vinyl column seat

    Modular Cubes | Bishop Ramsey School


    Round pillar bench upholstered in green and purple contract vinyl. Available in over 60 bright colours.
    1/4 circle cubes | 60cm cubes | 38cm round cubes

  • orange modular cube school booth seating

    Modular Cubes | Booth


    Hard wearing vinyl cubes in over 60 bright colours. Shapes can be made into many different arrangements.
    82cm cube | corner cube

  • green modular cube school seating

    Modular Cubes | breakout


    Green modular staff cubes in red, blue, orange or pink plus a large selection of colourful fabrics and faux leathers.
    82cm cube | corner cube | 38cm round cubes

  • circle modular cubes in brown vinyl

    Modular Cubes | circle seating


    Modular bar circle seats in hard wearing vinyl. Large number of shapes and vinyl colours to choose from.
    82cm cubes | 1/4 circle cubes | white shelf

  • wavy vinyl modular cubes

    Modular Cubes | curve bench


    Multi-coloured curvy cubes. Shown upholstered in vinyl with white dividing shelves and white trumpet tables.
    1/4 circle cube | white shelf

  • green modular cube booth seating

    Modular Cubes | green booth


    Green U-shaped booth in hard wearing wipe clean vinyl. Shown with Trumpet round coffee table.
    Units shown – 82cm cube | corner cube

  • guildford college orange and yellow modular cubes

    Modular Cubes | Guildford College


    Multi coloured cubes in red, orange & yellow hard wearing wipe clean vinyl. Shown with vinyl padded table.
    82cm cube | corner cube | round padded table

  • houndslow youth centre purple round seating

    Modular Cubes | Hounslow Youth Centre


    Purple round booth with and with-out vinyl back rest. Wipe clean vinyl comes in red, blue, orange, pink, black or white.
    1/4 circle cube

  • red and grey modular cube seating

    Modular Cubes | Immanuel College


    Red & dark grey seating covered in wipe clean vinyl in red, blue, orange, pink or black.
    82cm cube | corner cube | 38cm round cubes

  • oxford college u shaped booth grey cubes

    Modular Cubes | Oxford College


    U-shaped grey hard wearing wipe clean vinyl. Shown with vinyl round cubes and white round table.
    82cm cube | 122cm cube | 1/4 circle cube

  • Long Grey Sofa

    Modular Sofa | Caterham Youth Centre


    Grey modular sofa with chrome sled base. Seat available in red, blue, orange or pink and a large selection of fabrics.
    80w | 120w | 180w + specials

  • pink fabric modular sofa

    Modular Sofa | pink | low back


    Pink modular sofa also in red, orange, green, blue or purple and many more fabric and vinyl colours.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials


“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager



Why is your common room furniture suitable?

All the sofas are made in the UK and Sweden to a high commercial standard using high-quality upholstery materials.

All our 6th form college furniture is designed especially for these types of hi-impact interiors such as schools, colleges and universities.

Can you make the sofas in any size?

Yes, you can pick your size. All our modular sofas are made to order, and the price does not hugely increase with bespoke measurements.

Our standard sofa sizes are 120 and 180 cm wide, but we have made much longer sofas on request.

What is the best upholstery material to use?

The hardest wearing material is faux leather. This vinyl-like material is stain resistant, wipeable and very resistant to wear. It comes in a broad range of satin colours which can be mixed and matched.

For a two-tone look, a wool fabric on the sofa back will give the furniture a more homely feel in your student sixth form room.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

January 2021

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