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Common Room Furniture

Common area furniture

Sixth form school furniture and common room furniture must have the perfect balance between style and durability, meeting the high expectations of discerning students.

Robust common room chairs

This includes robust common room chairs that not only look appealing but also withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming school furniture environment for all.

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“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Wipe clean soft seating for student common room

Common room furniture case studies

Take a look at these recent student common room furniture case studies featuring our bespoke school common area furniture design solutions for common rooms and youth centres in and around London.

Wipe clean soft seating for student common room

Wipe clean soft seating for student common room

We have flexible sixth form furniture solutions for study and socialising - from fitted common area seating in colourful vinyl (and wipe clean!) to modular student sofas and soft seating for schools, to cosy booths for quiet study and space-saving corner sofas.

To wipe clean any vinyl furniture simply use a damp soft cloth with a mild cleaner like washing liquid and warm water. Wipe down the modular soft seating with the damp cloth then dry with a soft cloth so there is not standing water.

Standard sofa sizes

Standard common room sofa sizes

  • Our standard sixth form furniture sizes like the modular green sofa are 120 and 180 cm wide plus we have made longer sofas on request
  • Corner seats and shapes start at 80 cm wide
  • All the student sofas are available with high and low back and with and without armrests
  • If you need some sixth form seating in a special size please contact us
Student sofa with power sockets

Student sofa with power sockets

We’ve even thought about useful extras for your school common room furniture like built in power and USB charging sockets that can be surface mounted into any of our common room sofas or bench style student sofa.

  • Sockets can be added to the front, side or in an armrests
  • Add USB or UK charging points
  • Free standing charging units are available
Durable student sixth form furniture

Durable student sixth form furniture

All our student furniture and sixth form common room furniture is suitable for intensive commercial use in schools, colleges and universities. We are experts in supplying well made student room furniture since 2006.

Common Room Furniture FAQs

Why is your common room furniture suitable for students?

  • All our sixth form common room furniture is made in the UK and Sweden to a high commercial standard using high-quality wholesale materials. So if you need a sofa suitable for college students then look no further
  • All our common room seating is designed especially for these types of hi-impact interiors such as schools, colleges and universities

View the smaller cube seating if you have limited space and for larger soft common area seating like the pink modular sofa will be more suitable.

Can you make student furniture in any size?

  • Yes, you can pick your own common room furniture size
  • Products like the  our modular grey booth and sixth form chairs like the Ace chair are made to order, and the price does not hugely increase with bespoke measurements
  • For advice on sixth form furniture and what is available contact us at [email protected]

What is the best upholstery material to use on common area furniture?

The hardest wearing material is faux leather or vinyl as it is often known.

  • As primary school furniture suppliers this vinyl-like material is stain resistant, wipeable and very resistant to wear
  • The vinyl comes in a broad range of satin colours that can be mixed and matched on your common area furniture

For a two-tone look: A wool fabric on the sofa back will give the furniture a more homely feel in your student sixth form common room.

View our range of vinyl and wool fabric colours.

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