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Glass Reception Desk

Office, doctor & school reception areas

Receive visitors in perfect style with timeless stylish and modern white reception desks that work beautifully in corporate offices, doctors waiting rooms and college and university reception furniture areas.

White reception desk options & accessories

Our range of designer, modern and minimalist desks in straight or corner configurations has something to suit all spaces, from a statement small white reception desk with LED lights, gloss front panels, to sleek, white curved reception desk with matching desk chairs, to a calming white gloss reception desk UK.



Why are white desks such a popular design choice?

Why are white desks such a popular design choice?

For modern and minimalistic spaces, light coloured desks are a given. They go with everything. But white desks are also a great choice for spaces like clinics and surgeries where people respond well to the dual benefits of clean looking lines and calming hues.

Small reception areas

The ability of white to reflect light can even help a smaller white curved reception desk to feel like a better fit in a tight space, perfect for smaller companies with limited budgets for office space or redecoration.

How can I make my white desk a bit more exciting?

How can I make my white desk a bit more exciting?

  1. A desk front doesn’t have to be flat or unexciting. They can be enhanced with clever design features like angles, textures and lighting to really make an impression.
  2. A white gloss reception desk can come in a huge range of styles including sleek curves and angular, geometric facades so there’s a shape to fit seamlessly into even the most awkward spaces.
  3. Make them extra brilliant with integrated LED lighting, using light to highlight shapes and angles or brightly coloured light in decorative cutout panels to match your design scheme or company branding.
Can white desks with a gloss finish have hidden features?

Do you sell desks with a white gloss finish?

Yes we do! Some high-tech white gloss reception desk finishes aren’t all just for decoration, with some innovative front desk designs benefitting from clever finishing touches like front sound-absorbing acoustic panels - ideal for making communication easier in cavernous receptions and bustling entrance halls.

Hiden cables & plug sockets

Innovative cable management solutions keep unwieldy plugs and wires tucked away and safely out of public reach, making sure that your sleek new white reception desk remains the centre of attention.

Do all white desks look the same?

Do all desks look the same?

Small white reception desks don’t have to all look the same and they definitely don’t have to blend in quietly. Consider the use of clever styling, textures and even lighting to add stylish finishing touches and ensure that your designer desk really stands out from the crowd.

What sort of modern finishes are available for white desks?

What sort of modern finishes are available for desks?

Our modern white reception desk feature clever styling touches like:

  • Geometric front panelling.
  • High gloss fronts.
  • Glass fronts.
  • Some incorporate coloured panels that can match or highlight accent colours from your chairs, sofas and soft furnishings.

Retro metal reception desks

They can also feature retro-style chrome trims for a touch of fifties inspired futurism, or integrated, decorative LED lighting designs that change colour at your command. Browse our extensive range or ask us for design suggestions.

White Reception Desk FAQs

Can you make a white reception desk in a bespoke size?

All our white bespoke reception desks or counters are made to order and can be made to a specific size. We list a range of standard sizes in our price list to give you an idea of costs for white reception desks.

Usually, a size adjustment does not hugely affect the overall price of a bespoke reception desk white.

Can the desks be adapted for social distancing?

  • Desk sides and front panels can be adapted plus transparent screens added to increase protection for your staff and visitors.
  • The surfaces are made from laminate and glass and can be easily cleaned and wiped down.
  • If you have a specific need, call our furniture experts on 020 8840 6298 to find out how we can help you.

Do you sell matching reception storage?

All the white curved desks have a range of matching office cabinets with hanging files, locking doors and some even have coat hooks. The storage ranges from under desk drawers to high two-meter cabinets.

Bespoke widths & depths

If you need a bespoke width or height, the storage can be manufactured to fit your white reception desk.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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