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Meeting Room Furniture

Conference room furniture with power

Our modular boardroom furniture, conference tables and modern meeting room tables for sale includes folding and tilt-top conference room furniture to seat from 4 to 14 people, with options for integrated power and charging sockets and USB / HDMI / VGA connectivity.

Quality commercial boardroom furniture

We understand that boardroom tables are the place where first impressions count. All of our commercial boardroom furniture is designed to provide the highest quality showcase for your company.

Ensuring that everything from your meeting room furniture, boardroom table and meeting room chairs will reflect your values and standards, without breaking the bank.




Meeting room furniture FAQs

Meeting Room Furniture FAQs

How do I choose the right meeting room chairs?

1. For short meetings

For meetings of less than an hour long meeting room tables with plastic meeting room chairs can be moved and stacked will be suitable and very practical meeting room furniture.

2. For meetings of between 1 and 2 hours

For comfy meeting room furniture uk choose a soft, upholstered seat plus, if your budget allows, armrests are always welcome around boardroom tables.

3. For longer meetings

Meeting tables used for long meetings including office boardroom sessions or training days you will need an adjustable seat - similar to a desk or task seating for your training tables.

Can I add power and data sockets to meeting furniture?

It’s easy to incorporate useful power and data sockets, USB charging points into modern meeting room furniture. Choose from a range of intelligent conference room table options including hidden, fixed and under-top, depending on exactly where access is needed and how unobtrusive you need them to be in your office meeting furniture.

How can I furnish a multi-functional meeting space?

How can I furnish a multi-functional meeting space?

Modern meeting room furniture needs to be multi-functional and can be configured into a number of different arrangements quickly and easily.

  • When furnishing with meeting room furniture, think about all the different ways you could use the space and make sure that the office tables you invest in has the ability to multitask.


Our Ypsilon folding conference table can work individually or be easily wheeled together to make a larger conference room furniture, allowing you to change from a boardroom table to a classroom in a trice.

Event meeting room furniture

For standing events the office meeting furniture can be folded up and wheeled away, allowing staff to easily and safely set up the office meeting room table and chairs at a moment’s notice.

What are the benefits of round meeting room tables?

What are the benefits of boardroom furniture?

Sometimes the best way to really get people talking is to bring them together in the round. Our range of wood boardroom tables with storage come in hard-wearing coloured laminates, wooden finishes and classic black and white so there’s one to work with every interior design palette.

  • Enhance your conference room with a modern boardroom table with curves and colours and swivel boardroom chairs for an informal, designer look that works beautifully with laminate or wood boardroom tables.
What furniture do I need for a meeting room?

What furniture do I need for a meeting room?

The obvious solution is large meeting room tables - but modern meetings can be held on comfortable sofas, standing around high rectangular tables or even sitting on stools. The more interesting the meeting rooms the better and the more engaged your attendees will be.

  • With the high cost of office space these days it’s increasingly common to use the meeting room furniture or conference room furniture as a multi-purpose space - for example, a breakout area or a training room. Don’t forget to include a low cabinet for media and tea/coffee storage for you meeting tables.

Large central round boardroom table and chairs

Can make a room feel really spacious too, especially if you take the time to think about sleek shapes and finishes like lighter coloured boardroom tables or glass meeting table tops. Take a look at our extensive range of modern meeting furniture too, to match or contrast any design in supreme comfort.

What are the different types of meeting room tables?

What are the different types of meeting furniture?

Meeting room furniture and conference room furniture comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, just as modern meeting and conference rooms do. This office meeting furniture is available in rectangle, round and oval shapes so you’ll find something to fit your meeting rooms.

Executive furniture

There are traditional classic executive office furniture for formal boardrooms, folding or tilt-top options for training or multi-use spaces and even ultra flexible standing and height-adjustable versions.

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