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Meeting Room Furniture

When is a meeting room not a meeting room? When it’s a conference room. Or a boardroom. Or a training room. Modern meeting room furniture needs to be flexible. We have a huge range of designer conference and meeting room tables and stacking chairs plus meeting room storage solutions for all corporate occasions.

Our multi-functional Boardroom, Conference and Meeting room tables includes folding and tilt-top tables to seat from 4 to 14 people, with options for integrated charging sockets and USB / HDMI / VGA connectivity.

We understand that the Meeting Room is the place where first impressions count. All of our conference furniture is designed to provide the highest quality showcase for your company, ensuring that everything from your boardroom table to your meeting room chairs will reflect your values and standards, without breaking the bank.

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  • Architec glass meeting and boardroom table

    Architec Glass Boardroom Table


    Designer glass table with aluminium legs. Top colours include frosted, white, black & blue glass.
    320 x 120 | 480 x 120 | 483 x 160 cm

  • ark white meeting room tables

    Ark 10 Person Meeting Table


    Minimalist meeting table in white or black. 5mm hard wearing laminate top with a powder coated steel base.
    300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • Ark white square meeting table

    Ark 8 Person Square Office Table


    Large square table to seat eight people with a white or black top and a white, black or bleached oak base.
    139 x 139 cm

  • Black Meeting Table

    Ark Black Meeting Table with Oak Legs


    Minimalist black meeting table with black or oak legs. Top is made from 5mm hard wearing laminate.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 cm

  • Large Height Adjustable Meeting Table

    Ark Height Adjustable Meeting Table


    Height adjustable table in seated or standing height. White & black laminate top.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 | 74-114h cm

  • Ark meeting table with a solid oak trestle leg

    Ark Office Table with Oak Legs


    White table with a solid oak trestle type leg. Top comes in black or white 5mm laminate.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Ark round meeting table with oak leg

    Ark Round Office Table with Oak Legs


    Circular office table available in 140 and 160cm diameter. The base comes in solid oak or steel coated in black or white.
    140Ø | 160Ø cm

  • Walnut meeting room table

    Art Walnut Boardroom Table


    Modern styled boardroom table with a solid oak or walnut leg.
    240 x 100 | 360 x 140 cm

  • Square Standing Desk

    Atelier Collaborative Table


    Black collaborative meeting table comes in black with the choice of three sizes.
    162.5w | 140, 100 or 55 cm deep

  • Stylish meeting table black

    Babila Black Meeting Table


    Black table with a Fenix anti-fingerprint top & black painted solid wood leg. The Babila meeting table seats 4, 6 & 8 people.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Catifa46 brightly coloured meeting room chair

    Catifa Fabric Meeting Chair


    Fabric seat with a glossy back in nine pastel colours including green, red, blue & yellow.
    56w | 53d | 45h seat cm

  • Cilla meeting chair

    Cilla Pastel Meeting Chair


    New designer chair with a retro style seat in a range of five pastel colours. Frame comes in black, white & chrome.
    61w | 55d | 83h | 44h seat cm

  • six person contract white meeting room table

    Contract Classic Meeting Table


    Classic Eames room table. Top comes in white melamine with a black edge & base comes in chromed or aluminium.
    213 x 107 | 240 x 120 cm

  • 45 white low office storage

    Forty5 Low Office Storage


    Low white office meeting cupboard in white, grey, black or oak finish. Available with shelves or pull out hanging files.
    100w | 75h | 47d cm

  • 45 white meeting room table

    Forty5 White Conference Table


    Long simple table in white, black, grey or oak. Includes aluminium cable hatch & cable management.
    300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • Frame whiteexecutive meeting table

    Frame Boardroom Table


    Elegant white table with a laminate top & polished base. Top in white, light grey or black.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 cm

  • Frame cool glass meeting table

    Frame Glass + Aluminium Boardroom Table


    Glass table with a polished aluminium base. Glass top comes in clear, white or black.
    240 x 105 | 295 x 120 | 380 x 120 cm

  • 8 Person Meeting Table

    Join 8 Person White Meeting Table


    White table with a trestle style white base. Melamine top comes in white or light oak with a matching edge.
    240 x 120 | 320 x 100 cm

  • join long white meeting table

    Join Large Boardroom Table


    White table with a trestle style white base. Melamine top comes in white or light oak with a matching edge.
    320 x 120 | 400 x 140 cm

  • Black Meeting Chair made from Solid Wood

    Malmo Wood Meeting Chair


    Modern wood framed meeting chair with an upholstered seat in wool fabric, faux leather or real leather.
    56w | 52d | 79h | 48h seat cm

  • Marina white long meeting table

    Marina White Office Table


    Large white office table which can seat 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 people.
    195w | 265w | 335w cm

  • 14 person angled table

    Meeti Angled Meeting Table


    Stylish angled meeting table in a range of 5 colours. This modular table can come in one, two or three pieces to seat 7, 14 & 23 people.
    240 | 480 | 720 cm

  • dark meeting table in two sections

    Meeti Wood Boardroom Table


    Stylish angled table in oak or wenge veneer. This modular table can come in one, two or three pieces to seat 7, 14 & 23 people.
    240 | 480 | 720 cm

  • meta white meeting room storage

    Meta White Office Cabinet


    Meta low meeting room storage cabinet is available in white, light grey, oak, graphite or black laminate.
    80w | 82h | 47d cm 3 units shown

  • Black oak high meeting table

    Mitis High Wood Meeting Table


    Modern high table with a 2mm real wood veneer top and solid wood legs. Choose from walnut, dark stained walnut, oak, whitened oak, walnut, ebony, dark grey & sienna grey.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Walnut executive meeting table

    Mitis Walnut Boardroom Table


    2mm real wood veneer top & solid wood legs. Choose from walnut, dark stained walnut, oak, whitened oak, walnut or ebony.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • Walnut Executive Table

    Mix 8 Person Executive Table


    Stylish executive meeting table with a walnut or oak veneered top & black or white aluminium leg.
    240 x 110 | 300 x 110 cm

  • Plano-2 white meeting table with a metal base

    Plano-2 Meeting Table


    Top is made from hard wearing white laminate with a brushed steel or white base. Optional cable slot.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 | 360 x 120 cm

  • PLC red and black meeting chairs

    PLC Black Stacking Chair


    Modern style chair with a red, white or grey steel rod frame & fabric seat and back.
    50w | 48d | 44h seat cm

  • White meeting room cabinet on a V-shaped leg

    S-36 meeting storage | v-shaped leg


    Designer meeting room storage in semi-matt white with a v-shaped leg.
    128w | 168w | 208w | 248w cm

  • Eames Boardroom Table

    Shell Blue Meeting Chair


    Very high quality & comfortable meeting, conference and boardroom chair. Choose from a range of fabric and leather colours.
    62w | 56d | 81h | 44h seat

  • Dark oak cabinet with brass top

    Stockholm Office Walnut Sideboard


    Sophisticated sideboard in oak, walnut or white lacquer. The metal base comes comes in white, black or taupe colour.
    122w | 180w | 238w cm

  • tactile walnut white cabinet

    Tactile Walnut Veneer Credenza


    Walnut and white meeting room cabinet. Frame also comes in oak. Hinged door or drawer options.
    155w | 205w cm

  • Folding Conference Table

    Talent Folding Conference Table


    Folding & stackable conference table with a locking top & castors. Choose from white, oak or chestnut laminate top.
    138 x 69 | 160 x 69 | 180 x 80 cm

  • trumpet shaped large white meeting table

    Trumpet Round Table in White


    Trumpet style table with a white laminate top and base. Shown with Viggen high back meeting chairs.
    110Ø | 120Ø | 130Ø | 150Ø cm

  • UR colourful stackable wheeled folding table

    UR Colourful Folding Table


    Colourful folding table with a hard wearing laminate top. Suitable for breakout, school & college areas.
    140, 160 or 180w | 60 or 80d cm

  • Weet black meeting room chair

    Weet Green Stacking Chair


    Simple plastic meeting chair in black, red, beige, dark grey, yellow, lime green or orange.
    54w | 53d | 81h | 46h seat cm

  • Executive meeting table walnut

    Woods Walnut Boardroom Table


    Executive table made with walnut real wood veneer & solid wood leg. Cable management includes hatch, tray & cable sock.
    240 x 120 | 300 x 120 cm

  • White folding table to seat 8 people

    Ypsilon Black Folding Conference Table


    Stacking & folding table to seat 4, 6 or 8 people. The black table top comes with an anti-fingerprint finish for easy cleaning.
    130 x 80 | 160 x 90 | 190 x 100 | 72h cm


“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager


What are the different types of meeting room tables?

What are the different types of meeting room table?

Meeting room tables come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, just as modern meeting and conference rooms do. Our meeting tables are available in rectangle, round and oval shapes so you’ll find something to fit every room.

There are traditional classic executive styles for formal boardrooms, folding or tilt-top options for training or multi-use spaces and even ultra flexible standing and height-adjustable versions.

How can I furnish a multi-functional meeting space?

How can I furnish a multi-functional meeting space?

A modern meeting room table and chairs need to be multi-functional and can be configured into a number of different arrangements quickly and easily.

When furnishing a dedicated meeting room, think about all the different ways you could use the space and make sure that all of the furniture you invest in has the ability to multitask.

For example, our Blade folding meeting tables can work individually or be easily wheeled together to make larger meeting tables, allowing you to change from boardroom to classroom in a trice. For standing events they can be folded up and wheeled away, allowing staff to easily and safely set up the room at a moment’s notice.

What are the benefits of round meeting room tables?

What are the benefits of a round meeting room table?

Sometimes the best way to really get people talking is to bring them together in the round. Our range of circular meeting room tables comes in hard-wearing coloured laminates, wooden finishes and classic black and white so there’s one to work with every interior design palette.

Enhance tables with designer meeting chairs with modern curves and colours, or add round stools or retro style tub chairs for an informal, design-led look that works beautifully with laminate or wood boardroom tables.

What about meeting room tables for larger groups?

What about meeting room furniture for larger groups?

If you’re intending to devote dedicated commercial space to meetings it’s likely you’ll be hosting larger groups at some point - so it's sensible to start the furniture design process by thinking about the largest number of people you’ll need to accommodate and working backwards from that.

We recommend investing in a larger table and a suitable number of chairs from the start - so that when the big meetings do happen there isn’t an undignified scramble for mismatching chairs and badly arranged temporary tables.

One large central boardroom table and chairs can make a room feel really spacious too, especially if you take the time to think about sleek shapes and finishes like lighter coloured or glass table tops. Take a look at our extensive range of meeting chairs too, to match or contrast any design in supreme comfort.

What furniture do I need for a meeting room?

What furniture do I need for a meeting room?

The obvious solution is the classic large table - but modern meetings can be held on comfortable sofas, standing around high tables or even sitting on stools. The more interesting the meeting area the better - and the more engaged your attendees will be.

With the high cost of office space these days it’s increasingly common to use the meeting room as a multi-purpose space - for example, a breakout area or a training room. Don’t forget to include a low cabinet for media and tea/coffee storage.


How do I choose the right meeting chair?

For short meetings - say of less than an hour - a plastic meeting chair that can be moved and stacked will be suitable and very practical.

For meetings of between 1 and 2 hours - look for a chair with a soft, upholstered seat and, if your budget allows, armrests are always welcomed.

For longer meetings - office boardroom sessions or training days you will need an adjustable chair - similar to a desk or task chair.

Can I add power and data sockets to a meeting table?

It’s easy to incorporate useful plug sockets, data and USB charging points into modern meeting room furniture. Choose from a range of intelligent placement options including hidden, fixed and under-top, depending on exactly where access is needed and how unobtrusive you need them to be.

What is the best meeting table colour?

Classic white is now the most popular colour for a modern meeting table and chairs because it works so well in many different environments, from minimalist to retro.

White table tops are usually a very subtle off-white shade so that light reflection and glare are not an issue. For an up-to-the-minute modern feel try adding extra warmth to a white table by pairing it with stylish solid wooden legs.

For an Office Boardroom Table and Chairs try darker wood colours for the table and darker leathers or vinyls for the chairs.

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