Top Ten: Highly Comfortable Seating options for the Office Breakout area



With office hours changing and working styles evolving, the breakout area is becoming a vital part of any office. Ensuring the selection of breakout furnishings meets the demands of the workforce is important. Taking on from our previous post on break out areas, here we present ten of the most comfortable sofa and seating options for creating a relaxing and appealing breakout space.


Wireframe Sofa by Industrial Facility

Wireframe industrialfacility(Image Credit: Industrial Facility)

Designed in keeping with the nature of modern flexible spaces, the Wireframe Sofa is composed of a durable but lightweight wire base and large soft countered cushions. The combination of material of the steel wire frame transforms a classic sofa design to meet the needs of modern interior styles.


Insulaire by Numéro111

Insulaire numero111

(Image Credit: Sophie Françon)

Created with a combination of wood and soft furnishings, the Insulaire presents minimalist design on this very laid-back style sofa. The wooden frame brings out a warmth along with the low nearly floor level base making it ideal for breakout areas requiring relaxing seating.


Le Sac by Studio Segers

Lesac-studiosegers(Image Credit: Wim Segers)

Ultimate relaxation seat and ottoman for sitting back with a book, or a quick power nap. With a rotating, adjustable head east and tilt motion, the Le Sac provides optimum comfort. The soft leather or fabric seat adds to the inviting appeal of the seat.


Corques by Lucie Koldova

Corques koldova

(Image Credit: Lucie Koldova)

Made with a cork base sourced from leftover cork at a bottle cork factory in Portugal, the seat has been moulded in a curvy sofa with a soft high quality fabric padded seat. Ideal for compact spaces, the seat provides comfort and support making it ideal for reception areas and breakout spaces.


Ploum sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Ligne Roset


(Image Credit: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec)

Designed to create an entire seating experience, the Ploum presents a clever process of bringing together comfortable materials both inside and out. The soft foam seat is covered with soft stretched fabric enhancing the number of possibilities to get comfortable however you recline. The larger version is slightly curved, meaning when a number of people are seated, they are made to face each other and further elaborate collaboration and serendipity.


Bubble sofa by Sacha Lakic Design


(Image Credit: Michel Gibert)

As the name depicts, the Bubble sofa is reminiscent of large bubbles or clouds. This is reflective of the style of comfort offered by the large rounded texture. A solid wood frame is covered with bi-density foam covered with the honeycomb texture fabric. The form of the round contours provides reassuring comfort and support.


Zephyr Sofa by Zaha Hadid

Zephyr sofa by Zaha-Hadid-Design

(Image Credit: Jacopo Spilimbergo)

Created with a lacquered base and soft foam seats, the Zephyr takes inspiration of natural rock formations merging both ergonomics and high-design style into one. The generously carved shapes present a fluid level of comfort in which ever way you sit. The modern shape breaks away from the classic sofa form allowing people to sit in a number of arrangements meaning it does not need to be placed against a wall.


Slow Chair & Ottoman by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Slow chair by Ronan Erwan Bouroullec (Image Credit: Vitra)


Another chair and ottoman combination makes it on the list, this time for its clever lightweight appearance and high ergonomic qualities. The Slow chair is upholstered with a light mesh knit fabric stretched over a sturdy metal aluminium frame. Appearing light, this mesh fabric is strong and supports with ergonomic properties making it the ideal office chair and ottoman combination for taking a quick nap or picking up a book.


Basset Chair by Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos

Bassetsofa by Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos

(Image Credit: Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos)

The Basset chair comes in a whole range, including an ottoman and two or three seater sofa. The Basset makes it on our list for the huge cushion like properties of the seat and backrest. As you take a seat, you are engulfed into the seat, surrounded by the smooth round back and armrests.


Swell Sofa by Jonas Wagell

Swell Sofa by Normann Copenhagen

(Image Credit: Normann Copenhagen)

Referring to the rising of bread in the oven, Swell sofa is a plump and hearty seating option with a largely curvy form. Appearing to be a conventional sofa that has been pumped up, the sofa undeniably invites people with is appealing form. The soft fabric comes in a large selection of colours making it ideal for any style of space where comfort and relaxation are key.