Three Art Installations it is Essential to see


Art Exhibitions and installations allow visitors to see, touch and experience first hand an idea of artistic ingenuity. It brings together communities, whether in agreement or distaste. What is essentially the most interesting about them is that they are largely short-term. What can take months to design and create, many times lasts only a few days or weeks. Here we have a look at three current art installations we recommend should not be missed.

‘A Pound of Flesh for 50p’, London

two pints of flesh wax installation

This two-storey house has been made entirely with the use of 8,000 paraffin wax bricks. Artist and designer Alex Chinneck has designed the house to commemorate the history of candle making and way factories in the area. Heating devices have been set up to allow the house to slowly and gradually melt away. Part of a wider music, arts and culture festival, the house is located in Southwark Street and will be on display until 18th November 2014.


‘Tape Paris’, Paris

Tape Paris installation art

This exhibition explores the inner workings of the human mind and how we understand our inner selfs. Made using 44km of sticky take or scotch tape, Berlin based artists Numen/For Use have created a large maze like cocoon allowing visitors to step inside. Suspended put to the ceiling within the Palais de Tokyo Gallery, the structure sweeps across the ceiling in semi-translucent passages. Although seemingly solid, it moves and sways as people pass. Tape Paris will be on display until 11th January 2015.


‘Situation Room’ New York


Based at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, artist Jana Winderren and architect Marc Fornes have together created this installation. By walking and crawling within the spherical florescent pink powder coated structures, visitors activate the installation. Made with 2000 unique parts, and punctured with permeable shapes, sounds and light pass. The installation looks at how sound and light immerse the individual when situated with an unknown space. ‘Situation Room’ is on display until November 21st 2014.


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