Spaceist Presents Five Ideas for Wooden Cafe Furniture

With the start of the New Year, we present inspirational ideas for creating a modern cafe interior with classical appeal. Spaceist work closely with our clients to bring high quality and designer wooden seating items for a wide range of styles and budgets. Presenting a selection of wooden seating options and tables, we take inspiration from a variety of café interiors from around the world.


Inspiration: Café Faux Vau, Hamberg Germany

Artist expressions and mellow tones, Café Faux Vau in the German City of Hamberg presents a mature colour palette. The functioning yet practical selection of seating makes the spaces ideal for a range of uses throughout the day.

Cafe Faux Vau Spaceist


By Spaceist:

Seating: Create a flexible space with the Babila wood chair with sled base available in three colours. The lightweight and durable properties of the chair makes this an ideal option for multi-use cafe spaces. The comfortable and sturdy chair comes with a curved plywood seat and is stackable up to 15 chairs high, a great quality for storing away.

Table: To create a bold look to match the Babila chairs, the JB Waldo canteen table presents a distinctive style. With a wide selection of laminate top choices and high impact edge available in a wide selection of colours, the JB Waldo is a lightweight option for flexible spaces.


Inspiration: Eibe café, Seoul, South Korea

The Eibe café presents a comfortable and warm space with the use of wood and fabric. The use of padded seating enhances comfort when expecting visitors to stay over longer periods. They also allow the including of soft furnishing and colour when working with wood.

Eibe cafe Spaceist


By Spaceist:

Seating: The Malmo wood chair denotes traditional appeal with an updated look. The solid wood frame comes with a seat and backrest that can be upholstered in a selection of modern colours. The frame is available in three colour staines including natural, black or grey.

Table: The practical and durable Disc cafe table in the round shape would complement the Malmo wood chair ideally. It comes with a colour laminate top or wood veneer option to match with the chair. The Disc cafe table provides variety of sizes making it suitable for a selection of space requirements.


Inspiration: Story café, Helsinki, Finland

Bold and colourful interiors mixed with cozy surroundings add a playful appeal to cafés. The Story café is a suitable presentation of merging traditional architecture with fresh interior design.

Story cafe Spaceist


By Spaceist:

Seating: By using bold colours in the furnishings means a balanced look can be achieved without taking away the ambiance of a relaxed cafe. Like Story café, add bold colour with a selection of chairs from the Babila cafe chair range. Available in black, grey red, yellow or blue, the Babila cafe chairs with wooden base legs are a sturdy and practical choice.

Tables: To complement the Babila wood cafe chairs, we have selected the Inox square cafe table. Available in five sizes and five laminate top options including white, black, wenge, oak and cherry, the Inox is a simple modern option designed for daily wear and tear.


Inspiration: IT café, Athens, Greece

An edgy café interior, the IT café merges wood and metal to achieve contemporary appeal. The industrial look of the metal chair frames and wooden seats enhances the appearance of the bare wood, whilst simple square tables add practical function.

IT Cafe Sapceist


By Spaceist:

Seating: Presenting a modest and economical solution, the Studio cafe chair is composed from veneered wooden seat and a solid chrome base. Add colour to the Studio chair by having the base legs painted to create colour accents. The chair is easy to stack away for added space and flexibility.

Tables: The Cross cafe table is an ideal option for presenting both solid form and variation in colour to match the Studio cafe chairs. Available in four size options, the cross base comes with a solid silver grey metal base and laminate top that can be selected in a range of finishes to match any interior stye.


Inspiration: Giovane Café, Vancouver, Canada

Great for placing against large windows, high tables and bar stools are the final inspiration on our list. By presenting a variation of seating, high bar stool seating adds a striking feature and placed by the window adds further privacy.

Giovane cafe Spaceist


By Spaceist:

Seating: A tough and durable option, the Avanto plywood bar stool comes with chrome base legs that can be stacked when required. A curved seat presents comfort and can be supplied in a wide variety of colours and veneer finishes.

Tables: The JB Waldo 45 bar height table is the ideal solution to match the Avanto bar stool. A modest and simple option, the JB Waldo presents form and function of the highest level. A solid wooden table finished with a selection of over 100 laminate colours, the table has been designed for high impact and daily wear and tear.