Office Space Planning Guidelines | 2019

Banks of 4 desks

Spaceist has listed below a few office space planning guidelines for 2019.


  • 1. Measure
    Measure you office space accurately, include any doors, windows and pillars. It is very important this is done correctly because it will be too late once the furniture arrives and it does not fit. Use a laser measure if possible, it is very accurate over long distances and is very easy to use.


  • 2. Notes
    Note down all the doors, windows, pillars and any other features that need to be included on the plan. Check the measurements twice to make sure the end plan will be correct.


  • 3. Plan
    Add all the measurements to a simple program like Power Point. It is a very quick way to get a basic 2D plan of the office space.


Grey desk orange chairs 6 person grey work desk


  • 4. Desk layout
    The simplest way is to get the basic plan printed on A2 or A1 piece of paper. Cut out some other pieces to match the size of the desks and cabinets. These can then be moved around the plan easily and accurately. Always double check the sizes before you make the final decision.


  • 5. Layout programs
    There are several layout programs available online.  The most advanced being AutoCAD down to very basic room planning software. If this sounds to difficult just use a pencil paper and a ruler for a quick solution.


  • 6. Space to leave between the desks
    You need to leave approx 100cm between the desk edge and the back of the users task chair. This allows enough room to move around, stand up and sit. When the chairs are back to back the gap does not change it should be 200cm between the desk edges.


  • 7. Minimum desk size
    See our minimum desk size guide. The minimun desk size for anyone is 120cm wide x 80cm deep. For managers and accounts the size should go up to 160-180cm wide


  • 8. Meeting table minimum space per person 
    See our what size meeting table guide. You need to leave a minimun of 80cm space per person at a meeting table.


Storage desk 8 person desk oak + black meeting table




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