Minimum Desk Width

We have presented a simple guide on the requirements of the minimum desk size when planning an office furniture interior.


  • Touch down desk + contract workers
    100 to 120 cm
    For workers who are only in the office for a few hours a day only a small desk of 100cm to 120cm wide is necessary. As an alternative this type of worker should be using other less used spaces like breakout and meeting rooms.


  • Sales
    140 to 160 cm
    We would suggest a minimum of 140 cm to 160 cm. The average sales person does not necessary need much space but sales is probably the most important part of your company so treat them well.


  • Accounts + administration
    160 cm + return
    The advisable desk width for this type of office worker is 140cm to 160cm wide. This will give the user adequate room to easily access file storage or paper work. Even though we deal mainly with digital files these days there should be adequate room. If 160 cm is too wide try using a desk return with added storage and worktop space.


  • Design + Architecture
    160 to 180 cm
    If possible a minimum 160cm to 180cm width desk should be used for designers and Architects. This will allow for space for drawings, samples and other design materials. When specifying a 180cm wide desk two users can discus a project with plenty of room.


  • Management + directors desks
    200 to 240 cm
    A minimun of 160cm in width and up to 240 for a senior director.


Designer executive desk walnut Black desk with oak legs Square meeting table oak



Along side these measurement we would suggest a number of key factors when planning your office interior.


      • Where desk space is a premium consider designing meeting rooms and reception areas as places people can work. These are the two main areas in an office which are rarely fully utilised. Use high backed sofa in your reception to provide privacy and sound reduction.
      • Remember to leave at least 100cm from the desk edge to the wall behind. If users are back to back leave 200cm. See our Space between the desk guide for more information.
      • When considering the desk depth always allow 80cm when using a large monitor and 70cm for laptop or small monitor. For executive desks use 90cm or 100cm depth.
      • Where space is a premium use a folding desk on wheels. The desk can be stacked and wheeled away when not in use. The table table can also be flipped vertically to use a white board, see below.



Talent folding desk with wheels Talent adjustable small desk Folding desk you can write on the top





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