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Primary school furniture

Spaciest is a leading provider of innovative furniture for primary schools across the UK. Established over 18 years ago, we offer a wide range of space-saving and functional furniture, including desks, chairs, and soft seating.

We prioritise both comfort and practicality for young learners in education, and the modular designs and durable materials make them ideal for dynamic classroom environments. Committed to quality and sustainability, we provide eco-friendly options that meet educational needs while being kind to the environment.

Below, you can easily find what you need regarding furniture for primary schools. We also deliver all across the UK, so you’ll never be limited by your location.


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


What Types of Furniture for Primary Schools are Available?

What Types of Furniture for Primary Schools are Available?

Our primary school furniture range has plenty to offer, with a sleek, modern design. Here’s what we have available from our school range:

Library Furniture for Primary Schools

All our furniture is adaptable for primary school life and comes in various sizes and colours. Our library furniture includes a wide range of:

  • Chairs, swivel seats, and sofas.
  • Large and small desks.
  • Folding desks.
  • Stools, booths, and pillar seats.

If you want to save space and add some versatility to your library area, you have plenty of options. For example, our colourful folding study desks and stacking study chairs can provide flexibility and comfort. We also offer a wide range of primary school computer furniture.

Whether you’re catering to a large number of primary students or smaller groups, our tables come available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Specific items, such as our JB-Waldo45 Study Table, also come available in a range of appealing colours too.

Canteen Furniture

Canteen Furniture

A canteen is a central hub in many schools, catering to a wide range of students. We offer a variety of canteen furniture to suit different needs and styles for primary school students, including:

  • Canteen tables, benches, stackable chairs, and cafe-style chairs.
  • Benches, seating sets, barstools, and outdoor canteen furniture.
  • Barstools.
  • Upholstered benches.

All our canteen furniture comes in a wide range of sizes, colours, shapes, and materials. For example, our Ovo Colourful Chairs are stackable and available in 10 different colours, making them a versatile yet vibrant choice for younger students. You may also find our Gargantua Round Picnic Table ideal for warmer summer months, with students of any age able to enjoy the furniture.

School Break Room Furniture

School Break Room Furniture

Providing relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of primary school life is essential; our range of school break room furniture reflects that. You can find anything from:

  • Coffee tables, bistro tables, and communal tables.
  • Lounge chairs, armchairs, and soft seating options.

For example, you can move our modular cube seating apart or push it together. At the same time, sofas can provide comfort in staff rooms. With a wide range of colour and sizing options, you should have no problem creating a coherent theme or style within your school.

School Office Furniture

School Office Furniture

School office furniture is a fundamental part of any educational space and can help to store valuable resources. You can choose from:

  • Ergonomically designed office desks.
  • Supportive office chairs.
  • Filing cabinets, bookcases, and shelving units.
  • Reception desks and seating.

Waiting area furniture for school entrances. Spaceist offers bespoke sizes to accommodate various reception area layouts.

Conference tables, chairs, and presentation equipment tailored to your needs.

Available in over 60 colours, our Apollo Desk Chair is an excellent choice for achieving a vibrant primary school space. Our Alpha Desk End Storage is a fantastic option for classroom or office storage.

Furniture for Primary School’s FAQ’s

What Primary School Furniture Sizes Are Available?

Spaceist furniture offers a diverse range of sizes and dimensions to accommodate the unique needs of primary schools. Bespoke sizes are available to ensure the perfect fit for different classroom layouts and spaces.

For example, we offer a smaller, two-person Edge Chrome Cafe Table or larger options such as our JB-Waldo45 Canteen Table. If you’re unsure about your options, feel free to contact us with any questions.

What is the best wood for school furniture?

Beechwood, maple, and oak are often considered the best woods for school furniture due to their strength and resilience. At Spaceist, we strive to make our school furniture as sustainable as possible so that you can proudly wave your eco-friendly flag.

What is the Best Furniture For Primary Schools?

The best furniture for primary schools combines durability, comfort, and functionality. Spaceist UK offers modern furniture specifically designed for primary schools.

These products are crafted with high-quality materials, sourced sustainably, and available in bespoke sizes to meet the unique needs of primary school environments.

Does Spaceist Furniture Come With a Warranty?

As leading primary school furniture suppliers, we offer a 5-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and faults, reflecting our commitment to high quality and durability. We can also offer special prices for bulk orders.

What Is The Price Range of Spaceist School Furniture?

The price range of Spaceist school furniture for individual items such as desks, chairs, and storage solutions typically ranges from £50 to £500 or more per unit, depending on the specific product specifications and features.

However, the price can vary depending on the type of furniture, customisation options, materials used, and quantity ordered. Spaceist may offer special pricing or discounts to educational institutions for bulk orders or larger furniture sets. You can request our price list for more details.

Do You Sell Primary School Dining Furniture?

Yes. Spaceist UK sells primary school dining furniture, including booths, tables, and chairs. We provide various options, such as the Volt High Back Cafe Chair (UV-resistant) and the Ara Cafe Chair. These options are stackable and come in multiple colours to suit your preferences.

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