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Office kitchen furniture for multipurpose staff rooms.

It’s mandatory to offer your employees a dedicated place to eat and drink - so why not invest in office kitchen furniture like a canteen table and create a multipurpose room that can work for your business at other times of day too?+ Read More


“Spaceist were fantastic. They were very helpful in offering suggestions and providing different options of furniture layouts. The implementation of the new furniture was easy, quick and without complication. The end result was outstanding.”

Sarah Davis


Upgrade your office kitchen furniture today!

Thinking of upgrading your staff kitchen furniture? We have a wide range of soft seating, office kitchen table and chairs and canteen benches. All these can be ordered in coordinating colour to freshen up your staff dining space.

Staff cafe chairs

For lightness and durability nothing beats a plastic chair and a lot of these are now made in a more environmentally friendly way using recycled plastic and processes to minimising the VOC’s released into the air. All the cafeteria tables and chairs are stackable and are wipeable to make maintenance even easier.

Office kitchen tables

A good fitting office kitchen table can be hard to find because most office kitchens are a more of an afterthought compared to all the other office areas. Because the size of an office kitchen can vary in wildly we offer office dining tables in special sizes to suit the space you have. Combine this with stackable cafe chairs and you can create a nice relaxing area where your staff can eat.

Staff Kitchen Furniture FAQs

What options are there for staff room dining tables?

Staff room restaurant dining tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so there’s something to suit every space. Choose a staff room table in tough, contract-grade laminates for long life and easy clean up. There’s a huge range of colours and some even come with antibacterial coatings.

I don’t have space for a bench - can I buy a kitchen table with stools?

If you don’t have space for bench seating or prefer to invest in a more flexible office kitchen furniture arrangement, a kitchen table with stools allows easy rearrangement and clean up. Mix and match with office kitchen chairs for the complete package.

How do I choose the best staff cafe furniture for my office?

Decide what your budget is to refurbish your staff cafe and buy the best you can afford. The furniture should be modern, hardwearing and easy to maintain. Ask your staff members for input and ideas so you get the best result possible for everyone.

Can I buy matching office dining tables and chairs?

Yes, there are several ranges of dining furniture that are matching. The Nolita chair is just one of these ranges where the table and chairs match and can be ordered in the same style and colour. There is also a matching bar stool with two different seat heights.

Spaceist Nolita metal folding cafe table

What are the benefits of modular staff cafe furniture?

Like all furniture for an office it needs to be flexible and because you will probably move in the future you might need the modular staff furniture to fit a completely different shaped or sized room. Modular furniture can also be added to at a later date so you can expand your staff room.

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