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What meeting table size?

What Size Meeting Table?

Whether you’re planning to invest in a 6 person meeting table or wondering whether a meeting table for 10 persons is going to fit into the new boardroom – this guide will help.

What’s the average meeting room size?

There isn’t an average meeting room size, which is why you always need to measure your space and then work out how many people your room will accommodate before buying furniture.

Minimum space per person:

Each person sitting at a meeting table or boardroom table needs 80 cm of space. For example, if you want to know the 6 person meeting table dimentions, it will need a minimum space of 80 cm for each person.

Popular conference table dimensions

Most popular conference table dimensions for round and rectangular tables:

Rectangular meeting table sizes:

Round meeting table sizes:

Minimum space for conference tables:

For a conference table size, you need 80 – 100 cm to allow for a larger chair. This might change depending on how the table is going to be used or what table shape. For very short meetings, slightly less than 80 cm may be acceptable for a conference room.

Distance between table and wall

The distance between the edge of the table and the wall should be at least 100 cm. We would advise allowing a little more than this wherever possible so that the meeting table looks proportionally correct to the meeting room dimensions.

  • Meeting and conference tables – each person needs 80 cm of space.
  • Boardroom tables – each person needs 80 to 100 cm of space.
  • The gap between the table and wall – allow at least 100 cm.

The gap between the wall and the meeting table?

  • You should allow a minimum of 100 cm between the edge of the meeting table and the meeting room wall this includes reception desks.
  • We would advise allowing more than this so the meeting table looks proportionally correct to the meeting room size.
  • For boardroom tables a 120-140 cm space is advisable. Always check your office furniture building’s fire regulations in case they differ.

How to calculate what size table you need?

Each person needs approximately 80cm of space.

Round Meeting Table

Multiply the diameter by 3.14 then divide by 80 (cm).


120 cm diameter meeting table
120 cm x 3.14 = 376cm circumference
376 cm ÷ 80 cm = 4.7

4 people can be seated comfortably at a 120 cm round meeting table

Rectangular Meeting Table

Divide the longest side by 80 (cm) than the shortest side by 80 (cm)


200 x 100 cm meeting table
200 x 100 cm meeting table.
200 ÷ 80 = 2.5 (2 persons) + 100 ÷ 80 = 1.25 (1 person)
3 persons x 2 = 6
6 people can be seated comfortably

  • Meeting + conference tables  –  each person needs 80 cm of space
  • Boardroom tables  –  each person needs 80-100 cm of space
  • The gap between the table + wall  –  at least 100 cm

TOP TIP – Measure out the table on the floor

Get some masking tape and measure out the size of the meeting table, then stick the masking tape to the floor in the shape of the table top. Step back and see if the size of the table looks correct in the space. If it looks wrong, it usually is. This also applies when measuring a space for office reception desks.

Meeting Table Height?

Meeting table height can range from 72cm to 75cm high.
If height is an issue the power height-adjustable meeting table might be a better choice. This meeting table height is adjustable from 74cm to 104 cm so access for wheelchair users will not be a problem.

*The information above is a guide only.

Height adjustable 8 person table


Meeting Table Ranges:

Meeting table blackboard

White Meeting Tables

We have over thirty different white meeting tables to choose from, in varying styles to suit all meeting rooms. Table leg finishes include white, black, chrome, oak and ash wood.

Most of the meeting tables come with the option of a cable hatch, power sockets or cable trays to guide the cables to floor level.

  • Cable management
  • Hard-wearing
  • Special sizes


Round Dizzie meeting table with colourful Catifa chairs

Round Meeting Tables

We have fourteen designs of round meeting room tables in various finishes and sizes. Laminate top finishes include white, black, grey and oak. Sizes range from 100 cm up to 300 cm in diameter which can seat 12 people comfortably.

  • Seats 4-12 persons
  • Hard-wearing
  • Designer


White folding table to seat 8 people

Folding Meeting Tables

We have a total of twelve folding, meeting-room tables for spaces from small training rooms to larger meeting room configurations. The range includes stacking, folding flat, movable and tables that can be joined together. Grommet holes, power plugs and USB points can be added to the tops of most of our folding meeting room tables.

  • Cable management
  • Hard-wearing
  • Stacking


Meeting Table Power Points

Blue iphone charger


We have a large range of meeting table plugs and USB Sockets – rotating, hidden, pop-up and flexible power and USB points. Choose from a range of colours including red, green, blue and pink. Metal finishes include brushed stainless steel & aluminium. Socket options include UK plug, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet and video.

  • Made in the UK
  • USB fast charging
  • UK plug


Types of socket points for table tops


What is a 4-person meeting room size?

Unless you’re designing your new office premises from scratch, you’re more likely to have to fit the furniture to the room – so it’s better to work out how ideally how many people you want in the room at one time and then see what the minimum space requirements will be. This is true whether you’re working on a 4-person meeting room size or a meeting table size for 6 people.



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