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There are a number of variants that help to determine the type of cafe table that will be suitable for a project. From round to square, indoor or outdoor options, the search for a sufficient table could become daunting. Here, we have compiled a range of key factors that will help to choose the right cafe table.

The initial decision is if the table is required for indoor or outdoor use. If opting for use outdoors, the table needs a weather resistant top and base, regardless if they are covered overnight. To select matching indoor and outdoor tables, begin by choosing the outdoor tables first and then pick the indoors tables.

Shown Jump table

Outdoor indoor cafe tables




Tables for outdoors suitability need a weather resistant top and base to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors. Suitable weather resistant materials include polypropylene, solid laminate (similar qualities to kitchen worktops but 12mm thick), and Werzalit or stainless steel. When choosing a colour, remember darker colours will fade more easily in sunlight, so pick from lighter shades.

The base needs to be durable and sturdy. Ideal materials include polypropylene, steel with a weather resistance coating, aluminium or stainless steel which is usually the most expensive option. Choose a base with a textured finish to further improve the wear and tare.

Shown Plastic X + Jump table

Outdoor cafe tables




It is important to consider storage options when choosing cafe tables. Both stackable and folding tables have advantages; they both fit into small storage spaces, ideal for flexible spaces, or maintenance. Folding tables require less lifting, making them easier to store away. Folding tables also come with wheels allowing easy movability. However, the drawback of a folding table is their top size. Usually available in a very small 60-70 cm size in comparison to the more tendered 90 x 90 cm size of a stackable table that comfortably sits four people.

Shown Snow + Aida table

Stacking folding cafe tables




Both round and square tables have their advantages and disadvantages. Square tables tops can be pushed together and joined to form larger tables when required. The cons of square tables is due to their larger top size, they require a bulkier base meaning they can be heavier to move or lift. Also, areas where children are expected will mean the square corners of a square table are unsuitable.
The advantages of round tables is there smaller size, making them suitable for small or tight spaces. As there are no corners, round tables also means a few more people can squeeze around if necessary. A suitable option for taking both the advantages of square and round tables is a squoval table; a combination of a round and square table. Another variation is a square table with rounded corners, such as the Edge table.

Shown Edge + Bold table

Round square cafe tables




The most durable and solid material ideal for cafe table tops is laminate. Constructed from layers of paper and resin pressure that has been treated to form a slight textured and hard wearing surface. The qualities of laminate makes it resistant to staining, burning, impact, cracking, scratching and dis-colouration in artificial light. The best quality of Formica laminate is the wide selection of finishes; with over 100 colours, realistic wood grains and stains including oak, walnut, ash, beech and more. Add laminate sheets to a range of surfaces to create a 25mm thick top, or for outdoor use opt for a 12mm solid laminate top that withstands daily wear including outdoor use. As well as hard wearing and solid material, laminate is ideal for its easy to clean qualities. Simply wipe with soap and warm water and the appearance of the laminate will last looking fresh for years.

Solid laminate cafe table tops




Below we have outlines a diagram below for recommended seating sizes for a number of dining options, from cafe to formal banqueting:

table top dimensions



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