Be it a cafe, restaurant or fine dining venue, it is a fact that diners usually prefer to select the booth seating option if it is available. If you are not to sure of the advantages of booth seating, we have complied a short list of factors to help you see the advantages.

Comfort: The enclosed style of the booth creates an exclusive and intimate zone and it allows people to relax. The seating, usually suitable from 2 to 8 people gives each person a lot more space and individuals are not only limited by the space they sit in, they can spread out a little bit more. The fact that the backrest and seat is supporting itself allows the person to put all of their weight onto the seat increasing comfort.

Privacy: Placed either against a wall, and back to back with other booths, they offer an enclosed space for diners. The high backs create a sound barrier from noises going out of the booth or coming in from around the restaurant, including other nearby guests, cutlery, etc. This style of seating allows a private experience within the booth itself.

Less obstructive: As it is only open on one or two sides, this makes it easier for waiting staff to navigate around gangways, and there is no need to move around all sides of the table or behind chairs. Where space is an issue, obstructions are usually a big negative, whether in a restaurant, cafe or canteen. The booth takes away this and are protected from any external movement.

Maximise space: it is possible to place booths against the wall, or even back to back with other booths in the centre of a room. Usually rectangular, they can be designed in curves or according to the space available, such as a bay. Certain booth seating can be combined with chairs, if space is an issue.