Five Unconventional Christmas Trees from Around the World



During times of festivity, along with tradition, creativity is in high spirits. One of the main icons surrounding Christmas, the Christmas tree has been a focal point for both festive and creative spirit. Here, we present a collection of Christmas tree’s from around the world that have managed to present something less then ordinary. Garnering local talent, these Christmas trees explore the adventurous nature of the festive season.


Beer Keg Christmas Tree, New York

Beer Barrel tree NY

Created from steel beer half-barrels, the Genesee Brewing company Christmas tree stands 23-foot high. An idea envisaged by the CEO of the brewing company, staff worked together collectively to design, build and decorate the tree. Taking staff about two-weeks to build, 300 stainless steel beer kegs were used to create the tree that stands two storeys high in the main courtyard of the brewery. As well as the beer barrels, 600 feet of green LED lights illuminate the tree. To finish off the creative structure, rather then an angel or fairy, the tree has been topped off with a lit-up sign of the company’s name. The beer barrels will be dismantled and reused in production at the end of the festive season.

(Image Credit: Genesee Brewery)



Plastic Bag Christmas Tree, Meir

Plastic bag Xmas tree 2014

A collaboration of local school pupils, the Meir Christmas Events Board and a local arts charity saw the erection of a Christmas tree created from 5,000 carrier bags. The project seeks to highlight environmental issues and implications of plastic. The modern and colourful tree stands 20 foot tall in the centre of town. Standing out for its very untraditional form, the plastic bag tree has both critiques and admirers.

(Image Credit: Appetite Stoke)



V&A Christmas Tree Installation, London

VA Mirror gold Christmas tree installation 2104

An icon of British cultural heritage, the Victoria and Albert Museum continues to feature some of the most creative installations to date. This year, for the Museums’ grand entrance, leading British fashion designer Gareth Pugh was invited to design a 2014 Christmas Tree Installation. The piece, titled ‘Ceremony’ is reminiscent of the evergreen traditional Christmas tree shape, and has been created from a combination of wood, fabric, acrylic and LED lighting. The ‘tree’ stands 4 meters high and features nine tiered gold cladded pyramids. In the centre, a light beam reflects through the pyramids creating an ambient light beacon. The form of the installation is a representation of communion and community.

(Image Credit: Victoria and Albert Museum)



Kaunas Christmas Tree, Kaunas

Cloud Tree Kaunas lith

In previous years, the Lithuanian City of Kaunas has been highly regarded for creating original and show stopping Christmas trees each year. For 2014, artists in the city were invited to create an extravagant, stunning and unusual tree that would stand out. The ‘tree’ is a collection of 12 large angels nestled amongst a collective of cloud like structures. Perched in the clouds, these angles sit high above the visitors below as guardian angels would, telling people what they see. The alternative design, clad in white is a contemporary example of the originality put into creating a Christmas Tree by artists each year.

(Image Credit: Kas Vyksta Kaunas)



The Lego Christmas Tree, Sydney

LEGO Christmas Tree at Sydney

Christmas is not complete without a Lego Christmas Tree and in Sydney, the biggest Lego tree in the southern hemisphere has been constructed. Featuring lighting and musical elements, the tree consists of nearly half a million Lego bricks and stands 10 metres high. It took the Lego team in the USA around six months to plan and design the tree and features fun and festive elements hidden in the design. The adventurous structure features aliens, candy canes, and even a large surfer Santa Clause.


(Image Credit: Michele Mossop)