Eat out: Four impressive interiors shows how Indian eateries are taking it up a level



According to a survey by take away service Just Eat, the top 10 dishes still includes the classic chicken tikka masala. Gone are the days when your local Indian restaurant was merely a small family run place, where food definitely took emphasis over decor. We have put together a list of four great places around London where you will find delicious indian food to be enjoyed in impressive surrounds.

Imli Street, Soho

Imli Street restaurant by B3 Designers London Spaceist blogpost

Image credit: B3 Designers

As the name denotes, Imli Street offers a menu inspired by street food dishes and a very rustic feel embracing its busy location. The initial appearance of bare brick walls, untreated concrete walls and exposed ceilings creates a very urban feel. The space is large and open allowing a free flow of customers and staff during busy lunch and dinner hours. An impressive bar sits  the central space surrounded by upholstered high bar stools. The wooden furnishings match the urban feel with practical and simple metal and wood combinations used throughout to complement the metal vents and pipes that run visibly throughout.

Dishoom, Shoreditch

Dishoom shoreditch Spaceist blog post

Image credit: Sim Canetty-Clarke

From urban chic to modern classical, this Indian-Irani eatery is the second branch of three restaurants now open in the capital. Presenting a highly sociable environment, customers are instantly transported to Bombay, circa 1960. The feel is casual and vibrant with classical wooden seating and tables and booths aligned along the large windows. small table lamps offer added light, as the general interior is lit-dimly to offer a relaxed atmosphere amid the hustle of Shoreditch. A fairly aloof approach has been taken with regards to the treatment of the walls and ceilings, which are again bare. However, walls are adorned with photographs of Irani families, further adding the feel of being within a home-like space whilst enjoying a special crafted selection of indian dishes and treats.

Bombay Brasserie, Kensington

Bombay Brasserie by DesignLSM London UK Spaceist blog post

Image credit: James French

From causal and charming street food inspired eateries to fine dining, Bombay Brasserie is one of London’s most elegant indian restaurants. The interior space offers a wide selection of seating arrangements from private booth seating, formal seating and casual spaces too. Each area, from the bar area to the formal dining room under large chandeliers presents an offering of high-end style for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taking inspiration from colonial themes, walls present specially creating murals and the furnishings are a combination of European elegance with Indian wood carvings and embellishments. Hanging lights and suspended celling fans further add to the colonial atmosphere enhancing the glamorous appeal of the restaurant.

Chai Ki, Canary Wharf

Chai Ki Restaurant by DesignLSM London UK Spaceist blog post

Image credit: DesignLSM

The second outing of the same group, Chai Ki takes residency within a double height space in the Canary Wharf area. Offering industrial elements, the restaurant has been designed with places like New York in mind. The dramatic interiors have been created through the use of detailed lighting and specific spatial arrangement of the tables, with a mixture of more formal seating options made possible alongside casual, free flow spaces. The large space has been made less daunting through a use of curtains that allow the two areas of seating to be separated. The selection of wood and metal adds to the industrial feel of the existing building and the historic connections of the surrounding location.