According to research undertaken by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, office plants provide a simple solution for workplace satisfaction and focus. An easy and low-cost method, we bring you a run down of some easy to maintain indoor plants for the workplace.

DRACAENA: A popular indoor choice, the Dracaena or Cracaena Marginata has long, narrow dark green leaves with hints of red on the tips and slightly grey stems. Requires only medium to bright light and average temperatures of 18-28 degrees C. The Dracaena doesn’t need to be watered until soil surface totally dries and it can grown up to 10 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

PEPPERMINT: A popular household plant, the Peppermint or Mentha X Piperita is a great office addition for a number of reasons. Grown in a pot, growth is controlled and does not require constant watering. It cleanses the air, can help stimulate your brain and when you have a substantial number of leaves, it can be picked for adding to hot water for fresh peppermint tea. Keep clipping to control over-growth.

LEMON BLAM: Technically known as the Melissa Officinalis, the Lemon Balm has been recommended by researchers at Ohio State University for it is soothing affects. Its scent was found to improve moods and increase a brain chemical linked to behaviour and moods. Requires indirect sunlight making it a great indoor plant.

ZEEZEE PLANT: The Zeezee or Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a long lasting plant that can tolerate low-lighting conditions and some neglect. With thick leaves, the Zeezee is a slow grower so overgrowth won’t be an issue. It can go weeks without water, and grows unto 3 feet tall. Just don’t let pets chew on its leaves as it is poisonous if chewed.

GOLDEN POTHOS: According to experts at Penn State, research found that the Epipremnum Aurem or Golden Pothos has indoor ozone reducing qualities. This makes it a handy plant for areas with photocopiers and printers. An indoor vine, it can survive well in indirect lighting environments.

PURPLE SHAMROCK: This colourful plant, also known as Oxalis Triangularis, is an interesting option. With triangular leaves in a deep purple shade it requires little water and is best in indirect sunlight. The leaves react to the sun and open and close accordingly. It stays dormant at winter so don’t throw it out if it looks dead.