Designs for London’s Largest Roof Garden at Battersea Power Station Revealed



The Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC) have revealed the latest designs for what is planned to the largest roof gardens in the capital. The designs for the Battersea Roof Gardens are part of Phase 3 of the larger redevelopment scheme. The landscaped gardens will occupy the rooftop space of 15 residential storeys as part of the Phase 3 development of the Electric Boulevard by Fosters + Partners and stretch over 355 meters. James Corner Field Operations, who spearheaded the design of the vastly popular ‘High Line’ in New York City is behind the design for the Battersea Roof Gardens.

The Roof Gardens will be an accumulation of green space elements and layouts with the breathtaking views of the Battersea Power Station and further horizon as its backdrop. Walkways, seating areas, planted gardens, small sheltered pockets for relaxation, a lawned area and a whole range of specialist green spaces are included in the designs. One of the elements include a ‘lookout’ area at the extreme end of the rooftop where exceptionally stunning views of the Power Station and the city can be experienced within a intimate setting. There is a dedicated ‘fitness deck’, which as well as fitness activities will cater for childerns recreational activities from gatherings to parties.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing elements will be a Woodland Walk that will be composed of a dense forest of birch trees. This ‘forest in the sky’ will include seating and relaxation space. A large lawn, the Sun Lawn will occupy central space on the Roof Gardens. The space will have a clearing offering the same stunning views, but also accommodate recreational activities including sunbathing, picnicking, and other daily activities. A Summer Kitchen will be the focal community space encouraging social activities between residents within a large shared space.

The Roof Gardens will only be accessible by residents or guests at the hotel with special days when they will be open to the general public. The designs reveal how the combinations of spaces from the open lawn to the intimate forest and Summer Kitchen will be utilised and encouraged by the great location and views offered by the Rooftop Gardens.