Sofa socket

Please find a handy check list below when considering buying UK plug and USB sockets for your office desks, meeting tables and reception sofas and chairs.


  • What socket options are there?
    Choose from UK plug, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA or VGA.


  • What size do you need?
    Most of the sockets units are modular so you can choose 2, 3, 4 sockets per unit. Some of the double units have room for up to 8 sockets. The main consideration is the depth of the unit which can be as deep as 100mm.


  • Cable length?
    All the units are made to order so you can select the cable length you need. The shortest length is 2 meters and to a maximum of 6 meters. The power lead can be fitted with a UK plug socket with a 13 amp fuse or it can be prepared for connected to an existing power source.


  • Hidden or easy access?
    There are two main types of plug socket unit. The first is hidden and second is easy access. Hidden units usually have a flap or door to cover the sockets when they are not in use. This is idea for a meeting or boardroom table where presentation is important.Easy access sockets are usually on the surface of the desk top or side of a sofa. There is no lid or hatch so access is easy and quick. This type of sockets works best for breakout, library or public spaces were the plug sockets will be repeatedly used by several different people.


  • Sofa Plug + USB sockets?
    When considering plug sockets for sofas there are three places these can be placed. In the top of the armrest, front or side panel or a free standing option. The units in the top of the arm should have a flap or hatch to keep dirt and liquids out. Easy access plugs like the Pixel would be placed into the front or in the side panel of the reception sofa or chair.


  • Desk Plug + USB sockets?
    There are several types of plug sockets for office desks. On surface, in surface, pop-up, rotating and wireless charging. All these power points have there own features which might be suitable depending on the type of desk and were it is going to be used.





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