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Short Buying Guide to help you choose the right type of cafe table for your new or current cafe, breakout room or school dining area. Below lists the features of round tables, square tables, marble tables, folding table and stackable cafe tables. All have different applications that may or may not be suitable.


Guide to Buying a Cafe Table:


  • What Size?
  • What Type of Table?
  • Best Top Material?
  • Hardest Wearing Top?
  • What Colour?
  • How do I know it will fit?
  • Cleaning? 



What Size table?

The best size of a cafe table can vary depending on how it will be used. For coffee drinking and small snack use a smaller top is more useful because it will save space. When using larger plates for lunch menus the top will need to be a minimum size.


Coffee + Snack Table Sizes:

  • 2 Person Table is 60cm
  • 3 Person Table is 70cm
  • 4 Person Table is 80cm


Lunch Table Sizes:

  • 2 Person Table is 70cm
  • 3 Person Table is 80cm
  • 4 Person Table is 90cm



White cafe chairs with holes in seat Square gold-brass table Inox black designer square cafe table



What Type of Table?

  • Round:
    Round cafe tables generally look more stylish than square tables. The advantage is that you can have much larger round top sizes than square.
  • Square:
    Square cafe tables are great for multi use areas like staff breakout. The tables can be used separately or pushed together to make one long table. For a more retro and child friendly option choose rounded corners like our Edge table range.
  • Folding:
    For cafe areas where space is multi use folding cafe tables like the Nolita are the best option. The tables can be folded, easly moved and stacked together out of the way or in a cupboard. Folding outdoor tables can be very useful because they can be locked together when not in use. This is also vital in the winter months when the tables should to be stored indoors.
  • Stacking:
    Stacking tables like the Jump stacking table are useful in the same way as folding but larger top sizes are available including rectangular stacking table option.
  • Outdoor:
    If the tables will be outdoor for long periods the tops and base need to have a protective finish the prevent rusting and discolouration. Light colours should also only used outdoors because darker colours will fade overtime due to sun light.



Best Top Material?

  • Indoors
    Laminate, wood laminate, wood veneer, wood + glass tops are all suitable for indoor use. If the area is hi-impact we would always recommend laminate.
  • Outdoors
    Laminate, wood laminate or an outdoor wood are suitable for outdoor use. Again lighter colours should be used to prevent fading.



Hardest wearing material?

  • Number 1 – Laminate or wood laminate – Pros – very hard wearing + wipeable + outdoor use / Cons – can look a bit plain
  • Number 2 – Glass – Pros – more stylish look / Cons – harder to keep clean compared to other materials.
  • Number 3 – Marble – Pros – designer look + can be used outdoors / Cons – not as hard wearing as laminate
  • Number 4 – Wood or wood veneer – Pros – smart look / Cons – not as hard wearing as a laminate top + cannot be used outdoors.



Choosing The Right Colour?

Icon black marble cafe table top


      • Keep it simple
        Cafe tables will take up most of the floor space in your cafe so always select a simple or complementary colour. select a cafe chair in a bright or complimentary colour instead.
      • Colour swatches
        Spaceist always advises you view a swatch colour of the cafe table top and frame. Colours and finishes never look the same on a computer screen
      • TOP TIP
        Place the colour or finish swatches on a table or chair near the location of your new table. Move away from the swatch to see the true colour. Remember you would never look at a table closeup.


For material advice or swatches email [email protected]



Will the table fit?

  • Find some cardboard or paper and cut the shapes out. Then place the pieces on the floor of your new cafe. Then walk around between the pieces to see if there is enough room. It is also a good idea to step back to see if the layout works and the tables have good access from the kitchen area.




Being able to clean a table quickly and efficiently in a cafe or restaurant can be very important. The average table can be wiped down many times in a normal day.

      • Laminate cleaning
        Laminate tables are probably the easiest to clean since this is the same material as kitchen work surfaces. Wipe down with a damp cloth and a mild window cleaner or anti-bacterial cleaner. Never use an abrasive cleaner on a cafe table top.
      • Glass top
        Wipe down with a damp cloth using a window clearer to remove grease marks. Use a glass cloth to polish and remove any streaks.
      • Wood or wood veneer
        Wood tops are usually finished in a lacquer or varnish so can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Never leave standing water on a wood table top. Anti-bacterial lacquered finishes are available.





White Italian marble top with a brass cafe table base

Marble Cafe Tables

We have a range of 7 marble cafe tables to choose from. All the tables come in a large range of sizes and shapes. Some of the marble tops are also suitable for outdoor use.

      • 5 year warranty
      • Made in the UK + EU
      • Quick delivery options

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Folding round table

Folding Cafe Tables

Our range of folding tables includes the Ypsilon, Nolita and Elliot. All these tables fold and have an outdoor option.

      • 5 year warranty
      • Made in the UK + EU
      • Quick delivery options

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Black outdoor cafe furniture

Outdoor Cafe Tables

Choose from 40 outdoor cafe tables which include round, square, folding and stackable. All the tables come with a top and base which are suitable for all year round use. To prolong the look of the tables we do recommend they are stored indoors over winter.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the UK + EU
  • Quick delivery options

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