All In One: Integrated Offices take Workplace Design into 2015

The start of the new year has seen many predictions for upcoming trends in office design. Fortune magazine recently published a piece online predicting the acceleration of 2014 trends in office design into 2015. It highlights the findings of a report into the workplace of the future undertaken by CRBE. As well as the increasing role of technology and high tech gadgets, offices will be holistically integrated into workers daily lives and workplaces will become much more then just an ‘office’. Here we have a look at a selection of workplace designs and how they have created an integration between work and play and the merging of hybrid spaces.

A recent article in The Economist highlights the birth and evolution of the open plan office from the cubicle structure. In “The office cubicle: Inside the Box”, writer Holland highlights how the ultimate necessity staff need is a “flexible workspace that encourages movement, combined with mobile technology”. The article highlights why open plan office structures allow permeability and therefore a surge in productivity. Creating a space which strikes this balance is no longer a limitation. Workstations, breakout and informal spaces all merging into one with work spaces that welcomes the feel of ‘home’ into the workplace through heightened creativity, are all the themes we will possibly see evolving further in 2015, as the following examples present.


Cornerstone OnDemand Headquarters, Los Angeles

Cornerstone HQ integrated design spaceist

Covering 50,000 sq feet, the headquarters for cloud-based talent management software solutions feature a multitude of spaces for staff to venture away from their desks. As well as a number of open and informal workspaces, there are an array of breakout spaces, including a cafe with an ‘entertainment balcony’, a meditation room, an exercise room and a screening room. The entire office design encourages staff to use the spaces and alternative ways of working.

Image Credit: Christopher Stark


Twitch, San Fransisco

Twitch SF integrated office spaceist

At the offices of social video gaming platform Twitch, the key is collaborative interaction. Spaces are fun and playful, ensuring the office gives a relaxed and informal feel representing the world of gaming. To further encourage collaboration and serendipitous engagements, workspaces have been designed with integrated ‘living rooms’ where staff can get away from their computer screens and get creative in teams. A range of smaller creative rooms, fitted with all the necessary items have been provided to aid staff, as well as warm and inviting break out spaces and even a bar.

Image Credit: Rapt Studio


SoundCloud, Berlin

soundcloud berlin hq integrated

Bringing a new music platform to the work in 2014, it is no surprise the offices of SoundCloud in Berlin are so impressive. The design highlights the emergence of integration and innovation through collaborative working. The office presents numerous breakout spaces and areas with power points and soft and hard seating, allowing staff to plug in and work away. A private library means staff can wither grab a book and take a plane on the comfortable lounge-style seats. From small creative and fun meeting rooms to games rooms and a large fully equipped kitchen, staff are far from expected to stay at their desks all day.

Image Credit: Christian Werner



Chartboost, San Fransisco

Chartboost integrated office design spaceist

One of the worlds largest gaming platforms, Chartboost’s headquarters present nothing clear of imagination and creativity. From a large dinosaur, to hanging game cubes, the office is kitted with themed spaces and endless graphics, textured walls and 3D Sculptures. The design of the spaces envelopes staff into the world of gaming as soon a they step into the offices, heightening the possibilities of inspiration and creativity. Numerous workspaces allows staff to take their work anywhere in the building. Several conference rooms have been transformed to take people into the world of games be recreating scenic backgrounds from various games, including Tetris or Super Mario. A range of relaxing breakout spaces features comfortable seating, both soft and hard to encourage working away from the desk.

Image Credit: Jasper Sanidad