5 Office Spaces with Innovative Recreational Areas: Boost Productivity and Employee Wellness


Along with breakout spaces, areas where staff can unwind and recharge are seen as just as important for staff morale. From yoga classes to office gyms and infamous games tables, these recreational facilities allow staff members to take a well needed break from time to time. Here we present five creative office spaces that have taken a creative approach to include these features and more.


Wieden+Kennedy office, New York

WeidenKennedy NYC

A creative advertising company, Wieden+Kennedy’s headquarters feature a wide range of areas and spaces designed to enhance collaboration, recreation and comfort. As well as open plan spaces, a great use of plants and wood, each space is highly innovative. On the 6th floor, a double height space has been converted into a outdoor decked garden. The creative office space serves as a quite lunchtime spot, an abode to get away from the desk and for recreation. During the week staff can part take in yoga classes organised by the company.

The decked creative office space features full power, wifi and music docking facilities. Surrounded by blueberry bushes and stunning views across the city, the space is an ideal space to unwind and recharge. The 7th floor of the Wieden+Kennedy offices features a further recreational area in office, with a gym, games tables and plentiful space to seat all members of staff for a movie screening or lectures. The spaces have been kept practical yet playful, ensuring each space is easily adapted and flexible for any range of activities.

(Image Credit: Bruce Damonte)


AOL offices, California

aol offices california townhall

As a tech company, the AOL offices in Palo Alto California showcases a range of highly imaginative and creative office spaces. From the large open plan reception to the central communal area, each space has been designed to enhance the way the staff work and collaborate. The central recreational spaces, called the Town Halls, is a vast area featuring a very casual environment. Booth seating, a vast kitchen and pool tables largely dominate the space. The space is bright and comfortable with homely furnishings to allow staff to relax and socialise. The recreational space design allows different professionals from around the office to meet and possibly collaborate by creating one central area for the whole company.

(Image credit: Jasper Sanidad)


Ogilvy & Mather office, Jakarta

Ogilvy-Mather-office Jakarta

The Jakarta base for global advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather was designed to house all departments of the company that had previously been based in various locations. The recreation area office presents a calm and welcoming abode from the manic of Jakarta city. Covering two floors, the office spaces have been separated keeping open spaces on one floor and more segregates work spaces on the other. The centre and hub of the office is based around the main café. As a space where people would naturally gather for a beverage or lunch, the space works well to accommodate a range of recreational features.

The first distinctive feature is the slide; this list would be incomplete without featuring an interior with a slide. The white slide connects staff to the lower floor, along with steps and additional seating upon the steps. the recreational space design seating has been arranged in clusters from booth seating to more informal lowered seating. The space is completed with a range of game tables, placed neatly under the stairs to make use of every space available. The use of colours and lighting creates a cozy environment and allows staff to carry out informal meetings, relax, unwind and socialise away from their main work spaces.

(Image Credit: M. Moser)


Box, Palo Alto

Box-office-PA California

IT enterprise Box is known for being a leader in creating and managing a high tech website used by over 6 million users. With a staff force working all hours, their headquarters in Palo Alto presents a vibrant and relaxing space for hard working employees to really relax. Grass green imitation carpet covers the floor of the main staff lounge area. The large ground floor space is characterised by swings, comfortable sofas and a hammock. The recreational spaces allow staff to get away from their seats and enjoy some moments in this ‘artificial playground’.

(Image Credit: Glassdoor)


Infosys, Bangalore

Infosys banglore india

The largest business consulting, software engineering and IT corporation in India, Infosys comes out trumps in the list of recreational facilities for staff. Based in Banglore, the main offices have been split across the city to accommodate its large staff force. With 15, unconventional and contemporary buildings the hard working staff get to take advantage of a large recreational facility. As well as a large gymnasium and swimming pool, the offices boast a full eight lane bowling alley. Ideal for socialising, unwinding and really relax, the multinational corporation has left no stone unturned to provide its staff with a wide selection of recreational facilities.



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