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Lighting is a major part of office design

Lighting is a major part of office furniture design and plays a key role in how comfortable the workplace environment is. For various tasks, there are different styles of lighting options to suit. In areas where natural lighting is either unavailable or overbearing, lighting designers time and again create ingenious and highly attractive alternatives. The following examples provide an insight into just how creative lighting is used and further enhances the interiors of a workplace.

Univar Europe office, Antwerp

Univar Europe office Spaceist blogpost lighting design

Image Credit: Frans Strous

Warehouse offices

The base for the European offices of Univar is based within a warehouse characterised by low ceilings and exposed beams with large windows only on one side.

A lighting grid was developed that made use of the spaces between the beams

Due to the history of the building and its heritage, a very prominent restriction applies; nothing could be attached to the floor, ceiling or beams. In order to counter this challenge, a lighting grid was developed that made use of the spaces between the beams to create a ‘floating’ system that connects the entire workplace with power.

Natural light does not become illuminated with lighting

These grids also become the base for adding downlights and create concentrated lighting zones where natural daylight does not reach. Spaces away from the large windows where natural light does not reach to become illuminated with a warmer tone of lighting.

Workstations with desk lamps

An essential feature includes the use of office desk lamps that adds to the quaint appeal of the workstations with their individual lamps. Along with a modern selection of interior furnishings and colours, the atmosphere steers away from appearing cluttered or dark and instead becomes highly comfortable. 

SquareTrade office, San Francisco

SquareTrade office SPaceist Lighting blogpost

Image Credit: David Rozemeyer

Sleek aesthetic office layout on a specific budget

This tech-savvy office space is host to a large workforce of over 500 employees. In order to sustain costs, the existing office building underwent a renovation to bring its 1960s style office into the 21st century. From the outset, the design team were presented with the task of achieving a sleek aesthetic office layout on a specific budget.

Lighting schemes have been designed to enhance the spaces

The scheme includes spaces that have been created around a central zone. In order to personalise the large areas, a warm and inviting colour palette has been chosen. To enhance this, lighting schemes have been designed to enhance the spaces and make them both comfortable and atmospheric.

Colour temperature lighting system

colour temperature lighting system creates a warm ambience within the large spaces reducing any sharp light, especially as staff are using computers and sitting in front of a monitor screen for long periods. This is a modest scheme that provides an attractive solution for large extra long desks workspaces. 

Bilgili Holding office, Istanbul

Bilgili Holding office Spaceist lighting blogpost

Image Credit: Tanju Özelgin

Spatial restrictions on the interior design and layout

The top floor of a multi-storey car park is the unlikely location of this highly imaginative and ingenious office space. The unusual architecture of the exterior building has enforced certain spatial restrictions on the interior design and layout. In order to find a solution around the spatial challenges, a new floor was built above the existing and an interesting approach towards the lighting design was created.

A row of downlights camouflaged against the high black ceiling

A more bold, statement look is opted here, with key lighting features blending into the dark background. A row of downlights camouflaged against the high black ceiling creates the illusion of floating luminaries. Other areas see the use of a mixture of spots and flush lighting strips to create indirect lighting in individual office rooms. Rooms and spaces with access to natural lighting continue on this fashion of highly contemporary mood lighting. This is a sophisticated interior with an elegant appeal. 

Rabobank Dommelstreek, Geldrop,  The Netherlands

Rabobank Dommelstreek office Spaceist lighting blogpost

Image credit: Blitz Design

LED lighting technology

This Netherlands-based banking company office set about to ensure the design of its new office complies with environmental requirements, which lead to an advanced lighting design based on LED lighting technology. Although the building benefits from stunning daylight, artificial lighting has not become a final thought.

Designer lamps and downlights for focused illumination

Key areas have been furnished with designer lamps and downlights for focused illumination and to add a statement piece to complement the interior style of each space. By focusing on the function of each meeting room and space, the lighting schemes have been created accordingly. 

Multicoloured LED fixtures

One of the highlights is the multicoloured LED fixtures that allow users to be adjusted according to the mood they want to set. It is this minute attention to detail that has allowed the building to receive a BREEAM-NL four-star rating, placing it within high ranks for sustainability.


CTHB Law Office by Salon Architects, Istanbul, Turkey

CTHB Law Office Spaceist lighting blogpost

Image Credit: Büşra Yeltekin

High restrictions on lighting throughout the office space

We revisit Turkey on our list, with the offices of CTHB Law firm. The original building structure features a fixed grid network separating the various areas and spaces internally. This inflexible factor places high restrictions on lighting throughout the office space.

Lighting formation creates a futuristic space

The available natural daylight is only permeable through the front section of offices. Lighting strips create a metaphoric spine through the building and highlight the angles and forms of the room. Internally, a creative lighting formation creates a futuristic space with a combination of a black, white and wooden palette.

Enhancing the architectural ceiling lights

Between the walls and sections, daylight weaves through the internal spaces adding shadows and enhancing the architectural ceiling lights. This scheme might not be to everyone’s liking, with its black walls and futuristic form, but it definitely stands out for approaching office lighting design with a difference.

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