Creating a cohesive sixth form common room interior


A place for personal growth

A versatile environment that caters for learning, socialising and dining, the sixth form common room is a place for ad-hoc interactions, personal study and growth. Delving into our archive of projects dealing with common room furniture, we present a range of key points that really stand out when forming a furniture plan.

Multifunctional furniture

As well as the aesthetic details, it is vital the various functions of each space come together to form a cohesive interior space. A mixture of formal and informal learning spaces

Furniture for schools & youth centres

We have supplied various school and college furniture each offering a variety of study spaces to encourage both formal learning and more ad-hoc studying. A project with Caterham Youth Centre saw the Spaceist team engaged in consultation with the young people who were going to use the Centre, to determine the final selection of furniture to support daily use.

Furniture for an economic budget

As well as having a strong and striking design-led contemporary style, the furniture pieces needed to be robust. For the formal study room table, we selected the colour meeting table that comes with a solid laminate top and chrome base legs. To complement the Colour table, the stylish Catifa chairs were selected with a four-star base. The combination of tables and chairs suited both the client’s economic budget and also the designer appeal sought after by the students.

spaceist caterham youth centre long table

Above: Colour meeting table and Catifa swivel chairs at Immanuel College

A school sixth form common room is a unique space that functions as the key social and recreational space for sixth form students, it is a space where students usually study between classes. During a project with Kings College, we brief included a sixth form common room furniture that included a mixture of lounge and dining areas and also spaces for informal studying.

Colourful laminates

To integrate a supportive area within the common room, we introduced a range of square Trumpet tables and large round Colour tables. These provided a space for recreation when not being used for studying. The colourful laminate options allowed the team to coordinate the tables with further dining seating, creating a cohesive appearance. The study spaces are used by both staff and students, so a modest black colour scheme was selected for the Pop chairs in the main common room.

spaceist ark study table

Above: Ark Meeting table and Pop chairs at Sir John Cass Hall

To create further study spaces without breaking the cohesion of the overall space, introducing a large communal study table looks both attractive and works well for serendipitous meetings. Sir John Cass Hall, a student accommodation facility in Hackney, required a specialist furniture package for the main common space.

Integrated tables and chairs

This room included recreational and social spaces as well as a need for some type of study area. In order to integrate these various elements without obscuring the openness of the room, the Ark meeting room tables were applied to the back of the room with lightweight stackable chairs in a bright and colourful yellow tone. The Ark is highly stylish and offers a minimal form, whilst the Pop chairs offer a robust quality and are designed to withstand daily use.

spaceist kings college brown button sofas 1

Above: Forty-Six system button-back sofa at Kings College

As well as studying, the common room plays a vital function as a social space during lunch breaks and between classes. A place to sit and read, it is a comfortable space where students interact with one another and socialise. In order to form a supportive area to do this, the staff room furniture needs to be robust and easy to maintain, but also attractive and appealing.

Comfortable common room furniture

The 46 office sofa system was selected for the Kings College project for its durable qualities; it is made from a solid hardwood frame which is designed for high impact contract use, perfect for school and college use. This system offers a sophisticated seating option, presenting a comfortable sofa setting that aligns with the rest of the high design of the common room.

spaceist guildford orange modular cubes

Above: Straight and square corner configuration Modular Sofa at Guildford College

To create a more casual social space, one of our most popular choices is the Modular Sofa range. The highly robust, contract grade vinyl upholstery offers numerous qualities that make it viable for use in high volume spaces. It is waterproof, easy to wipe, comes with hygienic qualities, and is durable against daily wear.

Over 100 colour choices

With over 100 colours to choose from, and 20 various elements making a range of configurations possible, create your ideal seating formation with the Modular Sofa and Cubes system. At Guildford College, we present a more square, corner unit configuration to match the spatial shape of the room, whilst at Weatherhead High School, a selection of rounded U-shaped configurations where ideal to maximise the space. Mix and match colours and create integrated seating for a fun and attractive social and recreational space.

spaceist weatherhead school colourful blue cubes

Curved and round Modular Sofa at Weatherhead High School dining areas

Working with such a broad range of schools and colleges, we have had the opportunity to speak to clients with varying requirements for the dining options in the common room. One of the key requirements was to provide furniture that broke the norm of typical canteen seating and introduced a more stylish option.

spaceist sir john cass yellow canteen two

Above: JB Waldo tables in bright yellow laminate at Sir John Cass Hall

The JB Waldo canteen table is a modern alternative that offers contract grade manufacturing with a high design appeal. The vast range of laminate colours makes it possible to customise for each project, from bright yellow for Sir John Cass Hall to a more colourful mixture for Swakeleys School.

spaceist swakeleys school jb tables

Above: JB Waldo tables in colourful laminate colours at Swakeleys School

As well as bench seating, many clients the Spaceist teamwork with, have specified more informal café style dining furniture. For Prince Henry School in Otley, a selection of Dream round tables break up the canteen space without causing clutter. The café tables offer a casual dining area that can be cleared away if required for cleaning, or for use as a study area or light snacks.

Seating space for students

Further enhanced seating was provided for the project at Immanuel College; we combined the Trumpet table with Modular round cubes to create a varying seating space for students. This created additional soft seating, which functions for both dining and study.

spaceist ondo green bar stools

Above: Café style seating at Prince Henry School

spaceist immanuel college round red stools

Above: Modular Cubes at Immanuel College



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