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Hard wearing and high quality bar furniture designed especially for bars, cafes and eating and drinking spaces of all shapes and sizes. From fitted bench seating and banquettes, bar stools to folding and stackable bar tables and chairs, our bar furniture is designed to make entertaining easy.

Whether you’re looking for freestanding, flexible furniture arrangements or cosy booth seating for cushioned comfort, our bar and cafe furniture comes in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be matched indoors and outside for seamlessly flowing ‘exterior to interior’ venue design.

Take advantage of our Space Planning services and Furniture Leasing and Office Furniture Finance options for off the shelf sizes and bespoke furniture solutions at prices you’ll love, all guaranteed for 5 years and delivered and expertly installed anywhere in the UK.


  • Stool in Black with Round Seat

    Arki Adjustable Stool | Black


    Black height adjustable stool made from solid oak & metal. Frame colours include black, white or lacquered steel.
    50w | 50d | 65 to 75.5h seat cm

  • Swivel Bar Stool

    Arki Adjustable Wooden Stool | Oak


    Solid wood industrial style cafe stool with an adjustable seat. Frame colours include black, white or lacquered steel.
    50w | 50d | 65 to 75.5h seat cm

  • babar plastic bar stools

    Babar bar stool


    Plastic adjustable seat in red, black, white, light grey or chocolate. Brushed chrome base.
    65h | 77h seat cm

  • Babila ash + black low cafe stool

    Babila low stool | seat pad


    Low cafe stool with a seat pad in fabric or vinyl. Leg in ash, black & grey stained ash.
    35w | 35d | 46h seat cm

  • Babila solid wood stool

    Babila Solid Wood Stool


    Modern wood stool in natural ash, black stained ash and grey stained ash.
    35w | 35d | 46h, 65h or 75h seat cm

  • White stacking stool with back

    Babila stool


    Modern cost effective stool in white, yellow, sand, dark grey, orange-pink & black. Matching chair.
    51w | 48d | 66 or 76h seat cm

  • Babila wood bar stool with a metal foot plate

    Babila wood stool


    Modern wood stool in natural ash, black stained ash and grey stained ash.
    35w | 35d | 46h, 65h or 75h seat cm

  • School red cafe stool

    Bauhaus Red Bar Stool


    Retro cafe stool with a coloured plywood seat & tube frame. Colours include red, light grey, dark grey, burgundy, dark green & black.
    52w | 56d | 118h | 64 + 97h seat cm

  • Concrete cafe table high and low version

    Concrete High Table


    Concrete molded high table with a galvanized stem & outdoor laminate top. White, grey & black top.
    60Ø | 110h cm

  • disc chrome round bar tables

    Disc bar table


    Round bar height table with a laminate top in white, black, wenge, oak, birch & over 100 laminate colours.
    50Ø | 60Ø | 75Ø cm

  • Red stool closeup

    Dom stool


    Simple and cost effective stacking stool in black, dark grey, light grey, white & red.
    44w | 42d | 65 or 76h seat cm

  • Bar height round table in red

    Eliot high table


    New high bar table with a extruded aluminum base. Top materials include glass, marble, laminate and metal.
    60Ø | 60 x 60 cm

  • Frankie low stool with sled base

    Frankie low stool


    Low stool with a U-shape seat in fabric or vinyl. Steel base in over 64 colours.
    54w | 44d | 46, 65 or 80h seat

  • Frankie low and high stools in green fabric

    Frankie stool


    Fabric seat colours include red, dark red, yellow, white, dark grey, black and lime.
    54w | 44d | 46h, 65h or 80h cm seat

  • Standing Table in Black

    Icon bar table


    Cone shaped white bar table. Hard wearing top comes in white, black or grey laminate. 110cm high.
    60Ø | 70Ø | 60 x 60 cm

  • inga oak bar stool with back

    Inga Oak Stool


    Stacking plywood stool in bleached oak, dark stained oak or black stained oak.
    50w | 52d | 67h or 77h seat cm

  • Little Apollo pink bar stool

    Little Apollo Stool with Back


    Classic high stool with a curved back. Over 100 different fabric colours to choose from.
    68w | 61d | 120h | 83h seat cm

  • Little Tulip retro bar stool

    Little Tulip Stool


    High stool with a curved back and arms. Over 100 different fabric colours to choose from.
    68w | 58d | 110h | 80h seat cm

  • Luna pyramid style cafe table with a white marble top

    Luna high table | marble


    Industrial style cafe table with pyramid styled base with a white, black or green marble top.
    60Ø | 70Ø | 60 x 60 | 70 x 70 cm

  • Luna pyramid style high cafe table in black

    Luna high table | NEW


    Industrial style cafe table with pyramid base in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, black, dark grey, blue…
    60Ø | 70Ø | 60 x 60 | 70 x 70 cm

  • Nolita green and yellow steel stool

    Nolita Metal Stool


    Colourful outdoor stool in white, yellow, orange-pink, red, brown, dark grey, blue…
    50w | 48d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • Wood Bar Stool

    Nym Wood Stool


    Solid ash wood stool with a shaker style back rest. Stool comes in natural ash, black ash, grey ash & white ash.
    48w | 48d | 65.5 or 75.5h seat

  • ondo green orange modern bar stools

    Ondo bar stool


    Bright coloured figure of 8 shaped seat in over 30 colours including red, lime, purple, yellow, pink and orange.
    64h | 80h seat cm

  • Saka industrial style black high stool

    Osaka wood stool


    Industrial style stool with a plywood seat. Seat finishes are ash, black, cognac & mahogany.
    50w | 47d | 75h or 65h seat cm

  • Shima small low stool red seat

    Shima low stool


    Low cafe stool with a button seat and loop style leg. Seat in over 60 colours.
    38Ø | 47h seat cm

  • ST6N pink and black bar stools

    ST6N Wood Bar Stool


    Solid wood bar stool with a seat and back in black, fuchsia, pink, blue, white, brown or grey.
    43w | 53d | 63h or 80h seat cm

  • Stylus cafe table range

    Stylus bar table


    Designer square and round bar table with a laminate top and textured steel base in white or black. 110cm high.
    60Ø | 70Ø | 80Ø | 60 x 60 cm

  • Venus bright yellow retro bar stools

    Venus High Stool


    Seat colours include white, red, orange, blue, green or lime plus over 60 further bright colours.52w | 52d | 75h or 82h seat cm

  • Volt dark grey + red bar stool

    Volt stool | NEW


    Simple & cost effective stool in white, black, dark grey, beige, blue, yellow, red & orange.
    47w | 48d | 66h or 76h seat cm

  • Weet orange stacking bar stool with a black leg

    Weet bar stool | orange


    Burnt orange bar stool with a scratch resistant seat and glossy back in white, black, beige & orange.
    52w | 52d | 65h or 75h seat cm

  • High staff stool with back rest

    Weet Bar Stool | Sled Leg


    Glossy & stacking high stool for cafe, breakout & public areas. Choose from 7 colours including red, orange, black & white.
    57w | 54d | 110h | 75h seat cm



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