As a place for not only dining but also socialising and getting away from the desk, canteen design has evolved and become a place where informal work meetings and social networking can take place. In our last post we set the agenda for the workplace canteen, here we look at our pick of five canteen designs and the reasons why they stand out.

Airbnb: The concrete floors, wooden food station and the clean and modern design carries the look and identity of the company; contemporary, modest and homely. The highlight of this project is the kitchens that have been designed like a domestic interior kitchen, complete with an island and pans hanging above.

Nike: This is one corporate canteen which manages to create a reflection of its branding into the interior of its spaces with ease. The inspiration of sporting facilities mixed with company logos and vibrant colours creates a space with multiple seating options and spaces for dining and socialising. The booths really standout in this project as they create a semiprivate area for informal lunchtime meetings.

Langland: Based in a part-listed building, the new offices for healthcare advertising specialists Langland have been refurbished with new office spaces, library, massage room and canteen. The modest and simple design of the offices are a reflection of the style of work they do. Placed on a floor above and seperate from the office spaces, the highlights of this canteen are the brightly coloured red picnic benches and black board wall.

GlaxoSmithKline: The Bogotà office design is much more laid back then standard corporate office design. The striking use of colours attracts you to each space, with large lettering to motivate staff. The canteen has been created with similar flair, and the feature that really stands out is the ceiling. Panels add an effect of ripples with light emitting between various panels making the space light and airy.

Random Studio: The offices for creative firm Random Studio in Amsterdam is the last of our top five, and definitely not the least favourite. The homely interior of each space, with an abundance of greenery and art work is not all that is great about the office. The snug and cosy feeling in the canteen is well though out but not ‘over-designed’. The standout feature of this design is the raw use of wood for the walls and the furnishings.

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