Ark Black Meeting Table with Oak Legs


Meeting table with solid oak legs

This designer black meeting room table with solid oak legs makes furnishing a meeting or conference room simple, impresses everyone and really does go with everything.

Anti-fingerprint black top

The black top with oak legs is even available with an optional anti-fingerprint finish which, as well as looking sleek throughout the day, is soft to the touch when compared to the standard black.

Optional cable management

Because we know that all meeting needs are different, top sizes come as 240, 300 or 360 cm and 120 cm deep tops are available with optional useful cable slots and trays. the cable slot is 100 cm in length and is available in a 42 or 60 mm width. A white table version is also available if you prefer a lighter look.

Size cm – 240 x 100 | 240 x 120 | 300 x 100 | 300 x 120 | 360 x 120 | 139 x 139

Top colour – black (anti-fingerprint) | white
Leg colour – solid oak | black | white

Top material
– 5mm solid laminate
Leg material – oak wood | powder-coated steel
Frame material – powder-coated steel

– cable slot or tray


What is the difference between the cable slot and the cable hatch?

Cable slot

The cable slot is a long thin hole in the top. It measures 100 cm long and is available in a 4.2 or 6 cm width. The cable tray is attached to the underside of the top so store cables or an extension lead.

Cable hatch

The cable hatch has a lid which can be removed to access any cables in the cable tray. At 60 x 15 cm in size, it is large enough to reach in and change a plug or USB-C socket with ease. The cable hatch lid has two slots on each side so the lid can be closed with cables protruding.

Which one to choose?

If you only need to set up the cables once the cable slot is fine. If you need to regularly unplug power sockets or USB points the the hatch is a better choice.

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