Modular Cube and Sofa vinyl cleaning and maintenance.

Spectrum vinyl is coated with Prefix® protected finish designed to be cleaned easily, over and over without showing signs of wear. With Prefixx® protection it is possible to remove stains that could never be removed before. Common stains like dirt and smudges simply wipe off.

More difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be cleaned with active solvents such as nail polish remover without damaging the Prefixx® finish when following the recommended cleaning instructions.

Colourways is also a very durable material. According to some done tests, Colourways manage
60-75.000 Martindales and fulfil the requirement of BS:5790: Part 1: 1996 Type 2 Grade X.

Spot Removal

Step 1
Remove ordinary spots with soap and water.

Step 2
Harder spots can be taken away with alcohol (isopropyl). Complete the cleaning with some water on the clean area.

Step 3
Extremely hard spots can be removed with a cleaning agent like nail polish remover (acetone/water). The spot should be gone after trying maximally 6 times. Complete the cleaning with some water in the clean area. If the spot is still there, then it’s impossible to remove.

Begin with step 1.

Coffee 1
Urine 1
Chocolate 1
Blood 1
Ketchup 1
Eye shadow 1-2
Nicotine 1-2
Fat oil 1-2
Spray color 1-2-3
Lipstick 1-2-3
Permanent alcohol pen 1-2-3
Mustard 1-2-3
Ink pen 1-2-3

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