Hygiene in School Canteens & Staff Rooms

Hygiene in schools and other busy workplaces is always important, and now even more so with the circumstances of the current global pandemic. Common areas such as classrooms, staff rooms and social areas are potential hotspots for germs and bacteria and ease of cleaning is more of a priority than ever before. That’s why it’s so important to invest in quality, commercial-grade furnishings that are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy use and constant sanitisation.

The best contract furniture is easy to clean and hard-wearing. It will often be specifically designed to be moveable and stackable, making it easier to access floorspace as well as surfaces which might otherwise be hard to reach. Tough finishes like hard-wearing laminates, wipe-clean vinyls and commercial-standard fabrics keep tables, sofas and other seating looking better for longer.

Areas like canteens and other social rooms inevitably become messy with use. Planning for that from the beginning is key to making maintenance and upkeep simple. Easy clean surfaces and stackable tables and chairs not only save time, but make the organization and checking of cleaning processes so much easier.

With current recommendations for regular deep-cleaning protocols, being able to easily empty a room of its furniture can significantly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, and increase the time available for use. By making the cleaning schedule easier to manage, confidence and security amongst students and staff that such cleaning regimens are being performed as needed will be raised, as well as providing increased protection for vulnerable users of the space.

Whether for dining or relaxation, look for commercial-grade dining and canteen furniture with robust, wipe-clean, antibacterial or stain-resistant table tops. They’re made to be used in busy common areas and are easily able to handle the rigors of all-day use and regular wiping down.

However chaotic your dining space may get, having furniture that is designed to make cleaning and rearranging the space easier is not just beneficial for the physical well-being of your staff and students, but also for your budget. Investment in quality, well-manufactured products provides great value for the years to come as well the short term.


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