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Bench Desks

A large shared bench desk is a great alternative to a set of cramped, badly arranged tables and allows more than enough space for everyone to work in comfort, without making rooms feel overcrowded or people feel restricted.

In fact one oversized desk or table can actually make a room feel bigger and will certainly make it easier for people to move around the space.

For the ultimate in teamwork or when you just really need to make the most of every square inch of office space without sacrificing comfort or style, check out our range of extra long and extra large office bench desk.

Our extra-long desk will seat from 4 to 18 people and are as stylish as you’d expect, with classic and modern finishes, cable management and matching storage available.

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  • 2 person black desk with oak legs

    Alpha Black & Wood Desk for 2 People


    Attractive desk with a black or anthracite top & solid oak wood leg. Choose from a single, 2 person or 4 person configuration.
    140 x 80 | 160 x 80 | 180 x 80 cm

  • White desk with solid wood legs

    Art Oak Bench Desk


    Modern oak & white desk with a matching executive desk & conference table.
    280 x 140 | 420 x 140 | 74h

  • Oak Style 4 Person Desk

    Avital 4 Person Oak Desk


    Economical oak desk to seat 2, 4 or 6 + people. Top finishes include lime oak, light oak, chestnut & white.
    280 x 160 | 420 x 160 cm

  • 45 white bench desks

    Forty5 Bench Desk for 4 people


    White four-person desk with full cable management & dividing screen. Colour range includes black, grey & oak.
    240 x 150 | 300 x 150 cm

  • 45 wood office desks

    Forty5 Oak Bench Desk for 8 People


    Eight person oak desk with translucent dividing screens. Colours include oak, black, white or grey.
    240 x 150 | 300 x 150 cm

  • Frame four person desk in white

    Frame Bench Desk for 4 People


    Stylish, white desk system that can seat 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 workers. Top in white, grey, walnut or oak.
    280 x 170 | 420 x 170 cm

  • frame storage white office desks

    Frame Office Desk with File Storage


    H-shaped white desk with fitted filing storage in white, grey, oak or walnut melamine.
    346 x 346 cm

  • Hub white design-led bench desk with canopy

    Hub White Square Desk


    Interesting square desk in a white or black satin finish. Need the desk to move? Then just add wheels.
    165 x 165 cm

  • Banks of 4 desks

    Join White Bench Desk


    Very modern white desk to seat 4, 6 or 8 people. Options include cable tray, UK plug & USB sockets.
    Seats 4, 6 or 8 people

  • Long wood + black 4 person designer desk

    Longi Black Desk & Oak Top


    Black desk with an oak laminate top & dividing screen. The aluminium legs also come in white or silver.
    160 x 160 | 320 x 160 cm

  • Long white office desk

    Longi White Office Desk


    Modern white desk with a black, white or silver aluminium frame. The top comes in white & oak.
    160 x 160 | 320 x 160 cm

  • ot white bench desks

    OT Oak & White Desk


    Simple style oak desk with white steel legs. Top colours include white, grey & walnut. Perspex or solid dividing screens.
    120 x 162 | 140 x 162 cm

  • Designer oak four person desk

    Prism Oak Desk for 4 People


    Simple modern bench desk with a contrasting white top & oak finish leg.
    280 x 160 | 420 x 160 cm

  • tre long white bench desk

    Tre Long Grey Desk


    Long white desk in white, grey, oak or walnut. Optional perspex dividing screens and cable management.
    240 x 80 | 280 x 80 cm

  • Tre long white desk

    Tre Long White Desk


    Long minimalist desk with a laminate top in white, grey, oak or walnut. Optional perspex screens with cable tray.
    200 x 165 | 240 x 165 cm

  • Woods very long office desk to seat three people

    Woods Long Office Desk


    Long office desk to seat three people. Solid wood leg & a choice of laminate or veneer tops.
    320 x 80 | 360 x 80 cm

  • Square meeting table oak

    Woods Square Oak Bench Desk


    Modern oak desk with solid wood legs to seat 2-4 people. Choose from 8 top & 2 wood leg finishes. Matching bench desk & meeting table.
    160 x 160 | 240 x 160 | 75h cm

  • xl long white office desks

    XL 18 Person Bench Desk


    Eighteen person office desk in white, grey, oak or walnut laminate. Optional perspex screens with cable management.
    360 x 165 | 480 x 165 cm

  • xl white single office desks2

    XL Bench Desk with Cable Management


    Four-person extra long office desk in white, grey, oak or walnut laminate. Optional perspex screens with cable management.
    280 x 165 | 420 x 165 cm

  • xl 4 person white bench desks

    XL Oak Bench Desk


    Oak laminate desk with integrated cable management. Laminate colours include white, grey, oak or walnut.
    280 x 165 | 420 x 165 cm

  • xl white bench desk

    XLarge Desks for the National Gallery


    Eight-person extra long desk in white, grey, oak or walnut laminate. Optional perspex screens with cable management.
    280 x 165 | 420 x 165 cm


“We are very pleased with the furniture. The tables and chairs look great in the new cafe; very happy with the design and quality.”

ENGLISH HERITAGE – David Brown | Project Manager


What types of bench desk are there?

What types of bench desk are there?

Panel desk: The front and sides of this bench desk are enclosed with full length panels to keep things neat and tidy. Anything stored underneath, (like the rubbish bin), stays hidden out of sight.

Desk with storage: Custom storage units or shelving can be inserted in between the individual user spaces. Acoustic panels can be added to reduce noise and increase privacy in busy open plan spaces.

Metal desk: Perfect for modern or industrial spaces - this frame is fashioned from metal with a matching top. Legs can be centrally positioned, in loop style or the standard 4 legged option.

Wood desk: With legs and frames of solid wood or a hard-wearing wood finish these bring a softer, more natural look. Solid wood is a great environmental choice, especially when combined with plants.


What size desk do I need?

For permanent staff, allow a minimum of 120cm per person for a comfortable working space.

For touchdown or temporary desks this can be reduced to 100cm. Either way, the depth of the bench desk should be between 150cm and 160cm.

We suggest you allow 240cm x 160cm for 4 person desk, 360cm x 160cm for 6 people and 480cm x 160cm for an 8 person set up.

How many people can I seat at a bench desk?

Desks are practical enough to accommodate all sorts of seating arrangements - from an intimate group of 4 to large teams of up to 20 people, but the size of many offices means that arrangements of 4, 6 and 8 person desks are most popular.

Can I add more people to the desk at a later date?

Most of our office bench desks are modular, giving you the flexibility to easily add extra seating as needed. Modular desks can simply be added to at the ends with minimal disruption. For more information on future-proofing your office ask our experts on 020 8840 6298.

Can I split a bench desk into smaller desks at a later date?

Yes you can! And it’s easier than you might think. Simply order some extra legs or desk supports - these will allow you to divide up one long desk into several smaller desks for ultimate flexibility.

Can I choose a bespoke desk size?

With a large variety of standard sizes on offer, you might not need to, but if you want to fit your desk into an exact space it’s possible to have one made to size.

Does a bespoke desk size cost more?

Bespoke sizing can be surprisingly affordable. Because all our quality desks are made to order, a small change to the size won’t usually make the desk a lot more expensive than a standard sized model.

Can I add power and data sockets to my desk?

As our desks are made to your specification so it’s easy to incorporate plug and data sockets so that your new desk spaces are fully set up and ready for people to start work.

Do the desks come with a warranty?

At Spaceist, all of our furniture is covered by a 5 year warranty and we only supply furniture which is suitable for commercial interiors. All of our suppliers are based in the UK and Europe so we are confident that manufacturing standards are of the highest quality.

What extras can I add to a desk?

Desks can be made even more versatile with matching pedestal and cabinet storage. Increase privacy with dividing screens and acoustic panels. Don’t forget lighting, writing pads, integrated power and data sockets and matching desk chairs.

How long does it take to order a desk?

Usually 4-6 weeks but if you need by a certain date we can check with the factory.

How are the desks delivered?

Desks are delivered flat packed and are assembled and installed by our furniture fitters.

Can the desks be dismantled when we move offices?

Yes, all desks we supply can be dismantled and reassembled in a different location.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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