Meeting Room Furniture – What Every Meeting Room Needs

Meeting Room Furniture - What Every Meeting Room Needs
Choosing meeting room furniture can be a challenge

Your conference room is one of the most important parts of your office. It is the place where you can share information and ideas with your team, collaborate on projects, and impress prospective clients.

Choosing meeting room furniture can be a challenge

There is a huge variety of meeting room chairs, tables, and other furniture available and picking the best options can be difficult!

Learn everything you need to know about choosing the right conference furniture by reading our handy guide.

What furniture does a meeting room need?

What furniture do meeting rooms need?

Business meeting table

Meeting rooms need a quality office meeting table where employees or visitors can sit and take notes during meetings. Meeting room tables come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles and you should pick one that suits your needs.

1. Boardroom chairs

Are you looking for a boardroom chair to match your brand or logo colour? Then look no further because we have a huge range of chairs in 1000’s colours including reds, blues, greens, blacks and greys.

2. Presentation facilities

Most boardroom tables can come with bespoke sockets for all types of presentation facilities including video and sound. The rotating socket units can come in black, aluminium or white colour.

3. Storage solutions

Matching storage units for your boardroom table is essential to keep your boardroom looking tidy and presentable. Most tables come with matching storage units for drinks, snacks and general filing.

4. Table accessories

Table accessories include wireless phone chargers, UK plug sockets, USB sockets, cable management and cable trays. For the bespoke option please contact Spaceist.

Types of meeting tables

Types of meeting room tables

  • Round table – According to interior experts at Drisage: “Round meeting tables provide a better sense of togetherness and give employees a sense of belonging to the group.” You can opt for a semi-circle business meeting table and push it up against a wall if your meeting room has limited space.
  • Rectangle table – Rectangle meeting tables are popular because they are affordable, space-efficient, and can accommodate a large number of people.
  • Adjustable table – An adjustable meeting table allows you to customise the height of the table to accommodate a variety of staff and seating needs.
  • Folding tablesFolding meeting tables is a flexible option as you can adapt the furniture to your needs and store it away when it is not needed.
5 things to consider when choosing meeting room chairs

5 things to consider when choosing boardroom chairs

  1. Size and layout
  2. Number of seats
  3. Design aesthetic
  4. Comfort
  5. Budget
Other essential meeting room furniture

Other essential meeting room furniture

A business meeting table and modern meeting room furniture aren’t the only things you need to buy when furnishing your boardroom. There are a number of items you should consider buying to improve the overall style and functionality of your room.

Presentation facilities

You may choose to mount a TV on the wall, add a whiteboard, or install a projection screen depending on your needs.

Storage solutions

Storage solutions like cabinets and shelving units will help you maintain a neat and organised meeting space.

Table accessories

Improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your room with accessories like a whiteboard, a clock, plants, and lamps.

Choosing meeting room furniture that reflects your brand

Choosing conference room furniture that reflects your brand

You want your conference room to reflect your brand and complement the rest of your interior office space. Your room can be a valuable asset to your company and you should take the time to design it well.

Traditional vs modern conference tables

A classic solid wood meeting room table and chairs will suit an office designed in a traditional style. Whereas, a stylish glass and chrome business meeting table would look great in a modern office.

Meeting room tables come in all different styles and you should find a design that matches your culture and values.

How much should I spend on meeting room furniture?

How much should I spend on a boardroom table?

The cost of conference tables will vary considerably depending on the type that you choose. Here are key factors that will affect the cost of your furniture:

  • Materials – Solid wood meeting room furniture will be a lot more expensive than furniture made from cheaper materials like plastic or plywood.
  • Brand – Well-known furniture brands can command a higher price for their products. Boardroom tables from popular brands are often made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand heavy use.
  • New or used – Used conference room furniture will be cheaper than buying new. However, it may have wear and is unlikely to come with a warranty. Keep this in mind when buying and check the condition of used items carefully.

TIP: Boardroom tables are a great investment for your business and we always recommend buying the best furniture you can afford. You should also buy furniture from a reputable manufacturer that offers a warranty on their products.

Find the perfect boardroom furniture

At Spaceist, we provide a wide variety of boardroom furniture including stylish meeting room tables and modern conference chairs. You can also find other essential business furniture such as reception furniture and staff breakout furniture.

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