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What is the most effective Office Storage? There are several types of office storage from hanging files to more executive storage. Our guide below will help toy decide what is best for you.


How to find the most effective storage for your office?

  • Audit your current storage
  • Divide into sections
  • Throw out and recycle
  • Buy the best you can afford
  • Made to your size


Divide into sections:

  • Daily Access
    Files need to be stored close to the desk or person who needs daily access. Under desk or low cabinets to the side or behind the user. Desk top file holders can be added for the most needed files.
  • Weekly Access
    When files need to be viewed weekly free standing or integrated tall cabinets should be used to maximise storage space. Items to be viewed weekly should be placed on the middle and lower shelves. Consider adding pullout drawers at the bottom to improve access.
  • Monthly Access
    Files that are only viewed monthly should be stored in the same cabinets as weekly but on the higher shelves.
  • Yearly Access
    For files or archives which only need to be accessed yearly consider storing off site were economical shelving can be used. The cost will be a lot less than prime office space.


  • Decide what can be thrown out and recycled
    Before you decide on the best office storage make sure all the files that are no longer needed are thrown out or recycled. This will free up space and reduce long term storage costs.



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  • Storage material?
    There are two main types of material used to make office storage, metal and laminated engineered wood. For very high impact areas metal is the best choice but can look very industrial and cheap. Laminated storage is usually has a more designed look and there is a choice of finishes like wood.


  • Buying the best you can afford
    Always buy the best storage your company can afford. This is the best practice when searching for the most effective office storage, the longer the storage lasts the more effective it is.


  • Where is the furniture made
    Always consider where the furniture is made. Furniture made in the UK, Italy, Sweden and Germany is some of the best in the world. To reduce delivery miles always choose furniture as local as possible.


  • Made to order storage
    Consider office storage that is made to fit your office space. This will maximise the effectiveness and you will get exactly what you want. Made to order items can be made in the factory and delivered or a carpenter can make a cabinet from scratch.


What types of office storage are there?

  • Under desk
  • Open shelving
  • Closed cabinets
  • Staff lockers
  • Hanging file drawers
  • A4 file box storage
  • Heavy items storage
  • Coat storage
  • Reception storage
  • Executive storage
  • HR lockable storage
  • Wall storage
  • Fitted storage
  • Room dividing storage
  • Acoustic storage



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