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Types of office desks & storage

From corner, rectangular or minimalist bench desks to scalable open plan to glass, wood or leather executive desk with storage - our people-friendly designer desks come with lots of useful options that make them work beautifully for everyone.

Integrated lockable storage

Office desks with integrated lockable office storage and plug sockets, minimalist office chairs, adjustable heights and a huge range of colourful fabric, leather and classic finishes.




Office Desk & Storage FAQS

Office Desk & Storage FAQS

What size desk do I need to seat 4 people?

  1. For 4 people, we recommend you will need a 240cm x 160cm bench style office desk with storage. This will ensure that they are all seated comfortably with sufficient space to work.
  2. This working area could be reduced down to 200cm x 150cm for touchdown style desks - useful to consider when expensive office space is at a premium.

Can I integrate storage into my office desk?

Once you’ve chosen your office desk, the next thing to consider is storage - a vital part of any working space. An office desk with storage needs to work efficiently for your workflow as well as providing a secure minimalist desk with storage.

Modern offices are no longer paper-dependent so storage needs have changed. Innovative and stylish storage solutions like design-led open shelving have become more popular as we no longer need to hide away stacks of paper.

Are your office cabinets and under desk drawers lockable?

The majority of our large range of useful office storage cabinets, from the tall 200cm high units to the low-level, desk height or under desk cabinets, come complete with locks.

Duplicate cabinet keys

We can even supply you with multiple keys for the same cabinet. And replacements or spare keys can also be purchased at a later date.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

January 2022

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