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Black Office Cabinets

Types of office desks & storage

From corner, rectangular or bench desks to scalable open plan to glass, wood or leather executive desk with storage - our people-friendly designer desks come with lots of useful options that make them work beautifully for everyone, with integrated lockable office storage and plug sockets, matching task chairs, adjustable heights and a huge range of colourful fabric, leather and classic finishes.

Modern office cabinets

A minimalist office desk with storage comes in as many variations as office people. But whether traditional executive or contemporary modern, they all have the same basic office furniture needs - a chair, a desk and some storage.

Office furniture suppliers since 2006

As designer office desk specialists since 2006, we provide everything you need to keep your teams comfortable, happy and productive - without forgetting that they’re individuals.

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  • 2 person desk with oak legs

    Alpha Black & Wood Desk for 2 People


    Attractive desk with a black or anthracite top & solid oak wood leg. Choose from a single, 2 person or 4 person configuration.
    140 x 161 | 160 x 161 cm

  • CEO black leather desk with side storage

    CEO Black Leather Desk | Peninsular


    Elegant CEO desk in white, sand, red, brown, dark red, dark brown, black, cream & grey leather.
    240 x 90 cm

  • CEO walnut executive desk

    CEO Walnut Veneer Desk


    Executive desk in walnut veneer with integrated cable management. Matching storage & meeting table.
    180 x 90 | 220 x 90 | 240 x 90 cm

  • 45 white bench desks

    Forty5 Bench Desk for 4 people


    White four-person desk with full cable management & dividing screen. Colour range includes black, grey & oak.
    240 x 150 | 300 x 150 cm

  • Office with large oak desk + black storage

    Forty5 Large Directors Desk in Oak


    Large directors table comes in black, white, grey or oak. Includes full cable management.
    180 x 120 | 200 x 120 cm

  • 45 wood office desks

    Forty5 Oak Bench Desk for 8 People


    Eight person oak desk with translucent dividing screens. Colours include oak, black, white or grey.
    240 x 150 | 300 x 150 cm

  • Forty-five standing height meeting table

    Forty5 White Standing Desk


    The high standing table comes in white, black, grey or oak. Includes cable hatch, tray & cable channel.
    150 x 75 | 180 x 75 cm

  • 45 white under desk storage

    Forty5 White Under Desk Cabinet


    Under desk storage pedestal with three drawers or one drawer and hanging file drawer.
    42w | 58h | 57d cm

  • Black desk with shelving

    Frame Black Desk with Storage


    Black & oak one-person corner desk with integrated open storage. White, grey, oak or walnut melamine top.
    173 x 173 | 173 x 193 cm

  • frame white tall office storage

    Frame High Office Cabinet


    Frame high storage cabinet is available in white, light grey, oak & walnut laminate with or with locking door.
    82h | 122h | 162h cm

  • frame white low office cabinets

    Frame Modular Office Cabinet


    Frame minimalist storage cabinet comes in white, light grey, oak or walnut laminate.
    82h | 122h | 162h | 202h cm

  • frame storage white office desks

    Frame Office Desk with File Storage


    H-shaped white desk with fitted filing storage in white, grey, oak or walnut melamine.
    346 x 346 cm

  • White Staff Lockers with Letter Slot

    Frame Staff Lockers


    Frame staff lockers come with a letter tray & key locking door as standard. Optional combination lock is available.
    122h | 80 or 90w | 45d

  • Black Executive Desk

    Gravity Adjustable Directors Desk in Black


    Graphite directors table with a top that looks like it is defying gravity. Adjustable height is 75 to 115 cm.
    240w | 160d | 75-115h cm

  • Square desk on wheels

    Hub Office Desk on Wheels


    Square four-person desk on wheels for modular offices. The top comes in white, grey or chipboard.
    165 x 165 cm

  • Large Desk with Colourful Chairs

    Join Large White Directors Desk


    Large modern directors desk in white laminate with full cable management and integrated plug & USB sockets.
    240 x 100 | 240 x 120 cm

  • Banks of 4 desks

    Join White Bench Desk


    Very modern white desk to seat 4, 6 or 8 people. Options include cable tray, UK plug & USB sockets.
    Seats 4, 6 or 8 people

  • Long wood + black 4 person designer desk

    Longi Black Desk & Oak Top


    Black bench table with an oak laminate top & dividing screen. The aluminium legs also come in white or silver.
    160 x 160 | 320 x 160 cm

  • Modern oak venner executive desk

    Multipli Thick Oak Desk


    High-quality executive desk in light oak veneer. Integrated aluminium cable hatch and channel.
    220 x 90 | 240 x 90 cm

  • Swivel Chair Range

    New Rookie High Desk Chair


    New high chair with a swivel & height adjustable seat. Matching chair.
    48.5w | 42d | 59-83.5h seat cm

  • Walnut executive shelving

    Outline Executive Shelving | Walnut Veneer


    Beautiful executive office shelving in walnut veneer & black. Choose from shelves, filing drawers or box cabinets. Matching desk & storage.
    241w | 301w | 361w | 38d cm

  • Designer oak four person desk

    Prism Oak Desk for 4 People


    Simple modern bench desk with a contrasting white top & oak finish leg.
    280 x 160 | 420 x 160 cm

  • White meeting room cabinet on a V-shaped leg

    S-36 meeting storage | v-shaped leg


    Designer meeting room storage in semi-matt white with a v-shaped leg.
    128w | 168w | 208w | 248w cm

  • silver leather aluminium chairs

    Silver executive office chairs


    High-end executive desk chair in brushed aluminium and leather. Black, grey, red, orange etc.
    Various sizes

  • Wood bronze meeting cabinet

    Stockholm Walnut Office Sideboard


    Sophisticated sideboard in oak, walnut or white lacquer. The metal base comes in white, black, bronze or gold.
    122w | 180w | 238w cm

  • sussex oak and black meeting room cabinet

    Sussex Slatted Office Cabinet


    Stylish slatted front meeting room cabinet in oak, whitened oak, walnut, ebony, dark sand & sienna grey
    119.2w | 177.5w | 235.7w cm

  • Talent folding desk with wheels

    Talent Foldable Office Desk


    New folding desk with a folding top. Height adjustable top in white, lime oak & chestnut top.
    120 x 69 | 138 x 69 | 160 x 69 cm

  • Temps office chairs

    Temps Directors Chair


    Modern directors chair with a white or black back & castor base. The adjustable seat & tilt function come as standard.
    75w | 75d | 44-56h seat cm

  • Directors Leather Chair

    Vintage Directors Chair


    High quality leather directors chair with a swivel height adjustable seat.
    50w | 52d | 40-52.5h seat cm

  • Woods Directors Desk

    Woods Oak Directors Desk


    Directors desk with a solid wood leg, veneer top & full cable management.
    200 x 100 | 240 x 100 cm

  • Square meeting table oak

    Woods Square Oak Bench Desk


    Modern oak table with solid wood legs to seat 2-4 people. Choose from 3 top & 2 wood leg finishes.
    160 x 160 | 240 x 160 | 75h cm

  • Low White Cabinet with Acoustic Sound Reducing Doors

    XL Acoustic Office Cabinet


    Low cabinet with locking sliding doors & acoustic sound deadening panels. Key operated lock.
    121 or 160w | 82h | 48d



What about bench desks?

What about bench desks?

Bench desks are one of our most popular minimalist furniture options, effortlessly promoting teamwork and flexibility. Our extra-long and extra-large desks are ideal for making the most of any office space and can seat up to 18 people.

2 & 4 person

For smaller groups, we have options that come in 2 or 4 person configurations, perfect for startups or helping to define distinct zones in a large room.

Sit & stand

Add extra flexibility with Sit-Stand desks that bring the best of both worlds, allowing individuals the freedom to match their work platform to their tasks throughout the day.

Can I choose from a selection of desk surfaces?

Can I choose from a range of desk and storage surfaces?

One of the most important features of any office desk with storage is the surface. These days you don’t have to stick with a standard plain top for your desk. Our Colour Office Desk for example, allows you to move away from the traditional and inject some personality into your working space.

Wood table finishes

Timber surfaces have an added biophilic benefit, meaning you can bring a little of the outdoors in. Combined with plants they can create a really inspiring and productive work environment.

I know some desks are stylish - but are they functional?

I know some desks are designer - but are they functional?

  • A fundamental aspect of any piece of office furniture is the function. Office chairs need to provide comfort and flexibility to ensure the individual is supported throughout the working day.
  • Desks need to provide the right space for productivity. Whether your office is open plan or not, each desk needs to work effectively for employees as well as for the available working space.
  • From bench and corner desks to executive and standing, we have a vast range to compliment any modern office space. All of our options are not only durable but height adjustable - especially important for employee comfort.
Why should I trust Spaceist to provide the right office furniture solutions for me?

Why should I trust Spaceist to supply the right office furniture?

We know that no two offices are alike. As office desks with storage specialists since 2006, we’ve seen how the demands of the modern working environment have increased.

Gone are the days of drab furnishings and uncomfortable desk chairs that stall productivity. We can provide everything you need to create a stylish, functional and hard-wearing workspace.

  1. For large open plan workplaces, we have brilliantly designed scalable desks and for more traditional office spaces we have glass, wood and leather executive styles.
  2. Our entire range is people-friendly - with options like integrated lockable storage, built-in plug sockets and matching task chairs with adjustable heights that mean individual needs are always taken into consideration to create a happy, productive working environment.
  3. There’s a huge range of colourful fabric, leather and classic finishes to suit all styles. All of our office desks and storage solutions are long-lasting and come with a 5-year warranty.


What size desk do I need to seat 4 people?

  1. For 4 people, we recommend you will need a 240cm x 160cm bench style desk. This will ensure that they are all seated comfortably with sufficient space to work.
  2. This working area could be reduced down to 200cm x 150cm for touchdown style desks - useful to consider when expensive office space is at a premium.

Are your office cabinets and under desk drawers lockable?

The majority of our large range of useful office storage cabinets, from the tall 200cm high units to the low-level, desk height or under desk cabinets, come complete with locks.

Duplicate cabinet keys

We can even supply you with multiple keys for the same cabinet. And replacement or spare keys can also be purchased at a later date.

What are the standard office cabinet sizes?

  • Our standard office cabinet sizes are: 82cm, 122cm, 162cm and 202cm high. The standard width is 80cm and the depth is between 45-47 cm.
  • Bespoke cabinet sizes: to match existing furniture or fill a space, most of our cabinets can be custom made to a bespoke size for seamless storage.

What is a standing desk?

One of the most commonly requested pieces of office furniture by employees - our popular height-adjustable standing desks start at 65 cm high and go up to 130 cm high (the 130cm high desk is suitable for a person who is 6 feet 6 inches tall!).

These desks can be manually or electronically adjusted, depending on the model.

Do you sell folding and height adjustable desks?

Yes we do! The sleek-looking and intelligently designed Talent folding and sit-stand desk has a folding top for simple storage or space making and is adjustable in height at the touch of a button - from the normal desk height of 74cm up to 104cm.

The top can even double as a whiteboard using dry erase markers.

We’re operating as normal and our lead times haven’t been affected.

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