How to Design a Welcoming Office Reception

How to Design a Welcoming Office Reception
Make a great first impression

Make a great first impression

Your office reception area is the first thing that people see when they enter your workplace – and first impressions count!

Designer reception areas

Businesses are putting more and more emphasis on designing a top-notch office reception area that will create a great lasting impression.

Reception furniture top tips

We’ve put together our top tips to help you create a welcoming reception area for your employees, clients and visitors.

Why is the office reception so important

Why is the office reception so important?

  • It is the place where you greet your customers and clients for the first time.
  • A well-designed reception area will reflect your business values and culture. It will help you reinforce a positive image of your brand and win over new clients.
  • The welcoming atmosphere of your reception will also have a positive impact on your employees, leading to higher workplace satisfaction and engagement.
  • A carefully designed office reception will help you create a sense of belonging and boost staff morale.
Four tips to create a welcoming office reception

Four tips to create a welcoming office reception

1. Keep your office reception clean and tidy. Buy sufficient office storage to keep the area organised and enforce a strict clutter-free policy.

2. Invest in a high-quality office reception desk built from durable, hard-wearing materials. Look for a design that is both stylish and practical. For instance, curved reception desks look sleek and sophisticated, making them ideal for modern offices.

3. Create an inviting waiting area and provide your guests with comfortable seating like a plush office corner sofa or a swivel reception chair. Make sure that your office reception seating is clean, comfortable, and matches the decor of the space.

4. Add colour to your office reception to create an inviting atmosphere and stop the area from looking cold or sterile. According to, “many businesses use shades of blue because this colour creates feelings of calm, serenity and trust.”

5. You should try to use colours that match your company branding in your reception area to reinforce your brand. If these colours are bold, then soften them by incorporating neutral shades.

Designing a welcoming office reception is essential

Don’t forget that your office reception is the first interaction that most clients and customers will have with your business. If you fail to create a positive first impression, then it may be very difficult, or even impossible, to win over new clients and customers.

Need help designing your office reception area?

Get in touch with our office furniture experts if you would like advice on designing a welcoming office reception. We can supply everything from office reception desks to reception sofas and more.

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