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Our Office Furniture experts have put together a check list to help guide you through the minefield of buying new office furniture.


  • Space Planning?
    Its very important to correctly layout the desks so the office space does not look cramped or over crowded. Measure your office space and draw the sizes out on one of the many free layout programs that can be found on the internet. Add all the doors, windows and columns etc to the drawing.


  • Layout?
    Draw a rough sketch of the office on a large piece of paper drawing the desks where you think they might go. Also include any office cabinets or storage that might be needed. Once you are happy add these to the final layout and move around to get the desired look.


  • Desk Size?
    If you have different departments split these up and decide who staff member needs what size desk. Usually sales and marketing will need a smaller desk than accounts or administration. Standard desks start at 140 x 80 cm and go up to 200 x 80 cm for senior management.


  • Desk Colour?
    Most desk come in an off-white laminate colour. This is the most popular choice because it does not date in style. For a more traditional colour tray grey or even a wood style finish like oak or walnut.


  • Desk Cable Management?
    Often not considered properly but a very important part of the desk to keep your office looking tidy. The new desk you buy should have a built in cable tray, gable grommets in the top of the desk and a desk to floor cable spine to guide the cables from you desk top down to the wall or floor mounted plugs and sockets. Consider having desk top mounted plug and USB points to reduce the amount of wires.


  • Under Desk Storage?
    Pedestal storage units are very handy to store small and personal items but they can be quite expensive compared to the desk and people often don’t need them. Consider buying staff lockers instead so you can then place in a separate area to the office.


  • Office Cabinets?
    Always try to keep office storage cabinets and drawer units to a minimum. They take up a lot of space, are expensive and often look ugly. Dispose of any unwanted items or place any archives into a storage facility instead of storing in premium office space.


  • Old Office Furniture?
    If the furniture is a few years old and is looking a bit tired talk to your current landlord to see if they want to buy or want for free. There are several companies who will collect old office furniture for a fee then recycle and reuse so avoiding landfill.






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