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A recent new report from the World Green Building Council has suggested there is “overwhelming evidence” to demonstrate how office design imperatively impacts wellbeing, health and workforce productivity. So this surely applies to the home office too. Here we have a look at some simple but beautiful ideas to inspire home office design.

According to CEO of the World Green Building Council, Jane Henley “There is unquestionably a clear business case for investing in, developing and occupying healthier, greener buildings”. For the self-employed and freelancers working from home, as well as health and well being, to really strive for high productivity within the comforts of the home a suitable workspace is necessary. Here we present a range of great images for ideas to use when designing a home office.

Home office spaces ideas

1. Finding Space: It’s not always easy to find somewhere to set up a desk, but recent trends have seen people use unconventional methods of creating a desk. From under the stairs, cupboards and if you have a garden big enough, in the shed or garage. The images we have compiled should inspire you to seek out space that may be underused or space within a room that be put to better use.

Home office furnishings ideas

2. Furniture: the advantages of a home office is that it is even more personal then a desk in the office. You can hand pick the furniture and styles of interiors to suit you. From shabby chic to ultra modern and high-end design, the options are endless. The following images should help to go beyond unconventional furnishing styles.


Home office lighting ideas

3. Lighting: Unless fortunate to have a large or adequate sized window, it is important as research into work place design by Jane Henley from the World Building Council suggests it leads to “improved health”. These images present some great lighting examples.


Home office Storage-ideas

4. Storage: Minimal space would require a smart storage method to utilise all the space available. Here we show the different types of unconventional storage units that can be included, creatively and for high functioning use.


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