We present our five considerations for good sixth form common room design. It is vital to consider certain factors when designing and furnishing common rooms. These spaces need to function around sixth form life, giving the students independence and the freedom to make choices. Spaces for studying, socialising and recreational activities should be created with the following five considerations:

Colour: A great starting point is to see if the schools’ colours, used around the building or in the uniform would make for an inspirational palette. It is vital to ensure the colours are bright and attractive but not be too distracting. Darker shades are practical for upholstery, whilst lighter shades for walls and ceilings will add the illusion of a larger space.

Comfort: The common room is the space where the students will be when not in a lesson so this space needs to be inviting, relaxing and allow them some independence. This can be done by providing a mixture of soft seating, playful furniture and spaces for any extra circular activities.

Robustness: The common room will be occupied throughout the day and will need to reflect robustness for everyday wear. Easy to clean upholstery, sturdy but lightweight tables and seating, and simple furnishings should be considered. It is important to keep the spaces clutter free but maintain a vibrant and welcoming environment.

Practicality: It is important to ensure there is dedicated study space and breakout space. Certain common rooms also have an integrated canteen, so it is vital to provide dining tables and chairs. Remember factors such as quieter areas for study and more social open spaces for recreation. This can be done using moveable furnishings, study tables that double as dining tables and using plants and free standing bookcases as dividers.

Aesthetically pleasing: As well as practicality and function, the common room needs to look cool, modern and up to date. It is the initial grounding point for the students so it needs to reflect their generation. Various new styles of quirky furnishings, soft seating and lighting can help do this. Also consider using art created by the students for the walls, and other personal touches to make the space aesthetically pleasing for the students.

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