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Selecting Sofa Fabrics:


  • Selecting The Right Colour?
  • Best Material?
  • Hardest Wearing Material?
  • Abrasion Rating?
  • Fire Rating?
  • Cleaning?  
  • Logo + Brand Colour?



How to choose a colour?



  • Logo colour
    Start with your company logo or brand colour. You don’t have to choose a matching colour but you might find a colour to compliment it.
  • Keep it simple
    Unless you want to make a real statement keep the colour & texture simple. Our sofas & chairs are well designed so don’t need to upholster in a patterned fabric.
  • Colour swatches
    Are available in an A4 card which shows small swatches of each colour in the range.
  • Viewing the colours
    Place the swatches on a table or chair near the location of the new piece of furniture. Step away from the swatch then decide if the colour is right.
  • Before you order
    We can supply an A6 sized swatch of the fabric which will confirm if the colour is suitable. If necessary we can order a 100cm x 140cm swatch.
    If you are not sure at first what colour to choose put the swatches away out of site & view again at a later date.



Best material for your space?


  • Schools + Colleges
    Faux-leather/vinyl is usually the best choice for schools. It comes with and anti-stain finish and can easy be wiped down.
  • Offices
    Fabric, faux-leather or leather are suitable. For very hard wearing areas use faux-leather or a very hard wearing fabric (see abrasion rating).
  • Breakout + staff areas
    Fabric has a softer feel & look but is not as wipeable as faux-leather.
  • Clinics + Doctors + Vets Practices
    Corium vinyl has a anti-stain & anti-bacterial finish so is perfect for these areas.


For material advice or swatches email [email protected]



Modis dark green long banquette seating Green modualr hangout sofa Longi modular compact office reception sofa



Hardest wearing material?

  • Number 1 – Faux-leather/vinyl – Pros – realistic leather look + very hard wearing + wipeable / Cons – not as soft as fabric or leather
  • Number 2 – Contract Fabric – Pros – wider colour range than faux leather / Cons – not as wipeable as faux-leather
  • Number 3 – Leather – Pros – luxury feel + look / Cons – can stain + mark easily


Abrasion Rating?

  • All fabrics are tested on a rub rating. In the test a machine rubs the fabric until it shows wear. Contract fabrics start around 50,000 rubs & can go up to 250,000. All fabric swatches will list this rub rating.


Fire Rating?

  • Most fabrics are Crib5 rated which is suitable for most commercial areas.  Please always check your buildings fire regulations.



  • Fabric cleaning
    Most fabric upholstered furniture should be regularly hoovered to remove dust which can breakdown the fabric fibres over time. Some fabrics can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Faux leather/vinyl cleaning
    Wipe down with a damp cloth using a mild window clearer to remove grease marks. For more stubborn stains see our vinyl cleaning guide which has a 3 step process for removing stains such as ink pen.


Logo + Brand colour matching?

  • There is a very large choice of fabric colours so matching a brand or logo Pantone or RAL colour is usually not a problem.
  • Email Spaceist your colour to match & we will source a colour for you.



Spaceist fabric colours




Three seater grey office sofa

Reception Sofas

We have a total of 56 reception sofas to choose from. The sofas range from small 2 seaters up to large 4 seater sofas. Some are economical and very hard wearing and other more executive and designer. All are made in the UK or the EU so come with a certain standard. For breakout & public areas please see our power & usb socket ranges.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Plug + USB sockets
  • 100’s of fabric colours
  • Quick delivery options


Price List Request >

Call 020 8840 6298 for more information 



Yellow chair in retro fabric

Reception Chairs

Choose from 44 reception chairs in a variety if fabric or leather colours. To match a brand or logo colour please contact us to discus the options.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the UK + EU
  • Quick delivery options


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Call 020 8840 6298 for more information 



cool student sofas

Staff Breakout Sofas

Breakout sofas + booth seating which is suitable for staff rooms & breakout areas. From booth style seating to standard sofas we can find a solution for most areas. For help designing your space call 020 8840 6298.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the UK + EU
  • Quick delivery options


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Call 020 8840 6298 for more information 






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