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Staff Canteen Furniture

Canteen furniture needs to be easy to move, easy to clean and made to last. As with all furniture designed for high traffic areas, it’s crucial to choose the right designs to ensure the most efficient use of space. And with modern dining areas now doubling up as work, study or breakout spaces, canteen furniture needs to be robust, hard wearing and still look great.

Our canteen furniture comes in as many varieties as your lunch menus, with flexible seating options including high tables and bar stools, dining chairs, staff canteen tables and benches seating up to 12 people, all available in hundreds of colour options and all covered by our 5 year warranty.

Don’t forget to make full use of your outdoor space too, with outdoor canteen tables and picnic style tables.

  • jb 4leg walnut canteen tables

    JB-Bosa 12 Person Table

    Long 12 person table with a solid wood leg & edge. Top comes in over 100 colourful or wood grain finishes.
    240 x 100 | 300 x 100 cm

  • school green red pink and white canteen table and benches

    JB-Waldo Benches for Swakeleys School

    Long green, orange & pink tables and benches with a solid wood edge. Choose your bespoke size.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm

  • red school refectory table and benches

    JB-Waldo Red Benches

    Bright red benches with white tables. Colours include lime, purple, blue, orange, green & grey.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • Marina picnic and canteen table

    Marina picnic + canteen table

    Picnic + canteen table in white extruded glass fibre and polyester. Standard colour is white.
    360w | 415w | 470w cm

  • Round good quality outdoor table + bench - Pentagale

    Pantagruel White Round Table

    Stylish large round picnic table and bench set. Table and seat is made from hardwood and frame is made from white or galvanised steel.
    227Ø cm

  • soft-bench canteen table green vinyl bench

    Soft-bench Canteen Table | Chrome Base

    Long soft upholstered canteen bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink, purple and over 60 vinyl colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

  • soft bench blue grey vinyl canteen table and benches

    Soft-benches for Oxford High School

    Blue & grey long cafeteria seating. Bench in lime, red, orange, grey, pink, purple & over 60 vinyl colours.
    180w | 230w | 285w cm + specials

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