White round plug entranet socket desk
Small black plug socket
Black orange desk top socket
Small black ethernet socket
Small black + silver power socket
Power socket on dark wood top
White socket for side of sofa
Small round plug socket in sofa
Types of socket points for table tops
Small power socket 80mm grommet

Pixel Desk Plug + USB Socket

Small round power socket that fits into any 80mm grommet hole which is the standard size on most desks & meeting tables. Fitting is tool free thanks to a large bolt that screws to the under side of the desk or meeting table top.

New twin USB fast charging socket or standard UK plug, USB charger, USB data, Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, VGA or VGA stereo. Fused UK sockets can be specified with 5 x 20mm anti-surge ceramic fuses. Power cord can be supplied with a standard UK plug or ready for fitting to a current power source.

  • Made in the UK
  • USB fast charging
  • 2 standard colours
  • Fits a standard 80mm grommet
  • fits 1-40mm top thickness
  • Tool free fitting
  • Office Desks >

Size – 90mm diameter | 15.3mm high
Colour – black + silver ring | white + silver ring | + special colours
Sockets – UK plug | USB charger | USB data | Ethernet RJ45 | HDMI | VGA | VGA stereo

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