Corner seating for student dining hall
red + orange seating for students
College student booth vinyl
Student booth seating
laminate topped canteen table
Hard wearing dining hall table + benches
Dark wood table canteen


The clients outline for a refurbished food zone at Guildford College outlined Spaceist to formulate a furniture package that would be both suitable for a dining area and recreation space. The dual functions of the area, alongside the need to create an informal zone meant the furniture had to be agile and lightweight and present high quality and robust build. We chose a selection of pieces that represented the youthfulness of the students yet managed to present a sense of sophistication for the staff. Popular canteen bench, the JB-Waldo canteen table with benches was chosen in a stark white finish adding contemporary style. The Modular cube seating range was supplied for the recreational spaces in bright yellows and oranges to provide a stimulating and attractive environment for the students.

“The whole process was well managed and Spaceist kept open the lines of communication throughout. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and would happily work with Spaceist again and heartily recommend them to others.”

Rae Gladwin | Director of Facilities | Guildford College | Surrey


   •   160+ users
   •   Canteen style furniture
   •   Colourful
   •   Hard wearing
   •   5 year warranty


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   •   JB-Waldo canteen table >>

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