white office furniture
Forty5 desk in white
white bench desks
ornage desk chairs
White + orange task chair
white under desk storage


Office furniture and layout supply for integrated marketing agency, Burn. The client needed an efficient use of space and needed to accommodate a boardroom, client waiting area, desking for 12 people and touchdown points for ad hoc freelancers.

“We presented Spaceist with a challenging brief. We really liked the bench style desking and banks of uniform storage. We wanted a very modern, minimal look. We needed to find a way to fit enough desks in to suit our rapidly growing business. At the same time we wanted to make the most of our vaulted ceilings and the natural light that runs through the space and we needed a sensible price. Spaceist came up with a clever layout, beautiful furniture and a good deal. I particularly liked the way they put in small modifications here and there that I wouldn’t have thought of and that really helped make the space work and join up so well.”

Guy Mcconnell | Managing Director | Burn marketing


   •   12+ users
   •   White bench desks
   •   Minimalist styling
   •   Full cable management
   •   5 year warranty


   •   XL desk >>
   •   Frame desk >>
   •   Forty5 desk >>
   •   Salt+Pepper chair >>
   •   XL under desk ped >>
   •   XL cabinet >>

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