Why Modular Furniture is the answer to space saving for modern businesses.

If you’re taking the time to research modern, flexible solutions to office furnishing, you’re probably not running a traditional 9-5 company where everyone comes in and leaves at the same time and people use the same desk and chair for 20 years without ever changing position.

It’s much more likely that your business is agile enough to embrace change, offers a more flexible style of working and uses large numbers of freelancers or even runs shift work patterns to meet the demands of the global workplace. It’s also very likely that you’re cost conscious and fully aware that dead space is a luxury that the most successful businesses really can’t afford. Businesses like yours understand the benefits of modular furniture, which allows them to make office spaces work harder and respond to changing demands without incurring extra costs.

What is modular furniture?

Modern modular furnishings are purpose designed to come together (or apart) as business needs change, or allow for speedy rearrangement of rooms and repurposing of space, without incurring large costs for removals, professional assembly and disassembly or company downtime while changes are made. Because the furniture is designed to be rearranged, added to and moved around – it’s easy for all employees to make changes at short notice.

Furniture that grows with your business.

The flexibility of modular furnishings allows you to repurpose existing spaces for many different uses in an instant. It’s budget friendly too – if a team needs to add a new member, another desk can easily be added to an existing modular workstation arrangement with minimal disruption.

How can modular designs work with traditional furniture?

The latest modular ranges are specifically designed to compliment existing office spaces – whether you want to seamlessly incorporate classic white desks and tables into your existing decor or contrast statement vintage pieces with bright modern seating, booths or cubes.

Why will your staff thank you for investing in modular furniture?

Commercial grade modular furniture is comfortable and comes in a huge range of shapes, styles and colours so staff get to benefit from a really inspirational working environment. Time can be saved too – no more traipsing around trying to find external spaces for meetings, whispering sensitive commercial information in busy coffee shops or having to panic if a critical document has been left behind.

Empowering employees – the power to make spaces personal.

Teams will love how easily modular sofa seating and armchairs allow them to leave the distractions of the desk and group together for creative time, breakouts or workshops, without sacrificing comfort or having to shift heavy furniture around. Modern commercial seating cubes are even available with built in charger and plug sockets – ideal for creative group sessions or solo research time.

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