Think beyond great design when buying commercial furniture.

Everything you need to know about commercial furnishing materials.

Think beyond great design when buying commercial furniture

For high-traffic environments like cafes, bars and restaurants, relevant design and attractive finishes are key but must be balanced with durable finishes that keep their good looks – however busy you are.

Three good reasons that commercial-grade furniture is better for business:

  • Built for strength
    Commercial pieces are specifically designed to withstand the heaviest usage.
  • Designed for safety
    Commercial furnishings and fabrics tend to be subject to more stringent safety regulations than domestic.
  • Easy to maintain
    Contract furniture is designed for continuous use. Finishes and coverings will be designed to repel dirt and stains and withstand frequent cleaning.

Choose contract fabrics and finishes for greater choice and longer-life.

Contract office furniture comes with commercial-grade fabric, vinyl and leather finishes, essential for office receptions, hotels, cafes, restaurants and schools. Rated for safety and available in a huge range of colours, a good supplier will even be able to match colours to your branding.

What to consider when buying outdoor contract furniture?

Why you should always buy from an experienced contract furniture supplier:

  1. Guaranteed quality:

    Buying from a reputable contract supplier allows you to benefit from furnishings that are guaranteed to withstand the rigours of business use. Using domestic equivalents in an out-of-home setting could even invalidate their more limited warranties.

  2. Greater range to choose from:

    Being less vulnerable to the vagaries of fast fashion, commercial furniture showrooms will feature a wide range of designs, from modern to traditional, with options for all budgets. Matching pieces can usually be sourced at a much later date without fear of discontinued ranges.

  3. Build quality and bespoke finishes:

    The fact that these are investment pieces designed for a longer life span means that material specs and build quality can be higher. Custom sizing and bespoke finishes can be accommodated too.

What are the most popular materials for indoor and outdoor contract furniture?

What to consider when buying outdoor contract furniture?

Invest wisely in outdoor cafe furniture designed to withstand the Great British weather, from rain and snow to blazing sunshine. Hospitality businesses should consider solidly built pieces for permanent spaces or lightweight water and UV-proof pieces that can easily be moved indoors when required.

What are the most popular materials for indoor and outdoor contract furniture?


Sustainably sourced options are available.
Huge range of shades for all design palettes.
Can look rustic, traditional or modern.
Strong and sturdy.

Wood Veneer:

Can be a more affordable option.
Increased sustainability as only tiny slices of wood are required.
Ability to exactly match drawer fronts or cupboards.
Less likely to warp or split and helps stabilise wooden furniture with mechanisms.


Now often recycled and also recyclable.
Easy to clean and can be UV resistant for extra outdoor durability.
Lightweight and tough.
Available in hundreds of colours.


Hard-wearing and resistant to marks and scratches.
Wide colour ranges make the cutting-edge design really affordable.
Easy to clean – ideal for canteen tables.
Can incorporate commercial-friendly finishes like anti-fingerprint coatings.


Extremely hard-wearing.
Can be lacquered for shine or powder-coated for colour.
Combine strength with looks – think polished cantilever chair frames.
Weathered finishes are available that age beautifully.

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