Key Features of a Modern Conference Room


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Conference rooms are considered the heart of the workplace

Conference rooms are considered the heart of the workplace. They are the area where employees and teams come together to discuss ideas and collaborate on projects. The look and feel of your conference room can have a big impact on staff productivity – so it pays to invest in a well-designed meeting space!

  • Every modern conference room should have…
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Comfortable meeting chairs
  • Conference table
  • Interactive board
    Privacy glass
    Appropriate lighting
5 things to consider when buying meeting room furniture

5 things to consider when buying meeting room furniture

  1. Write a checklist of the furniture you need e.g. meeting room chairs, conference table, storage solutions, etc.
  2. Remember that the size and layout of your available meeting space will dictate what furniture will work best for you.
  3. Keep your conference table and meeting chairs in proportion, or choose folding furniture that can be stored when not in use. This will help you maximise your available space.
  4. Look for meeting room furniture that offers comfort, support and flexibility. For instance, swivel meeting chairs give employees the freedom to change positions during meetings and get a better view of video presentations or speakers.
  5. Choose meeting room furniture that aligns with your company identity and values. This will help you make a positive first impression of your brand.
Tips to choose the best conference table

Tips to choose the best conference table

Tip 1: Size

Choose a conference table that is appropriate for the size of your meeting room. Pick a table that comfortably seats your attendees but make sure that there is enough room around the conference table so people can easily access all areas of the room. A folding conference table may be a good option if you have limited space available.

Tip 2: Power

Look for conference tables with power and charging points as uncharged devices can cause unnecessary delays during meetings. Fortunately, many modern meeting tables can now be fitted with power points so employees can charge their electronic devices with ease.

Tip 3: Design

Your conference table will be the focal point of your meeting room and you want it to make a good impression on employees and visitors. Make sure you consider your existing office furniture pieces and choose a conference table that will complement the rest of your decor.

At Spaceist, we stock a wide range of conference room tables – from modern glass meeting tables to traditional wood boardroom tables. Get in touch if you want advice on choosing the best conference table for your office.

The importance of a modern conference room

A new conference room can instantly refresh your office and make your team meetings more efficient and productive. Modernise your workplace and treat your office to a stylish new meeting space!

Looking for quality conference room furniture?

Contact our office furniture experts if you are looking for modern conference room furniture and would like guidance on picking the best pieces for your office.

Our team can supply a wide range of meeting room essentials including boardroom tables, meeting room chairs, and much more. All of our meeting room furniture comes with a generous 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

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