Supplier of stylish, design-led furniture for workplace, education, leisure & public spaces.

Terms & Conditions


All prices are GBP sterling and exclude VAT and delivery.


In the merchandise does not pass until full payment is received by Spaceist. It is both our expressed and implied terms of contract of sale on any sale we enter into that the goods remain our property until paid for in full. Our ownership is not impaired by relocation of the merchandise either by sale or movement to or by a third party not privy to our initial contract of sale.


We reserve the right to effect – without prior notification – modifications and/or improvements in the material used and designs. Products may be discontinued at any time and Spaceist cannot be held responsible for this.


Dates quoted are always considered approximate and are from receipt of deposit. Spaceist accepts no responsibility in the event of delays.


Regarding supply including shortage or damage must be received within 3 days of receipt of goods in writing to Spaceist.


The customer may not cancel an order without the consent of Spaceist. Spaceist reserves the right to refuse cancellations of orders (total or partial) in cases where the cancellation is received by Spaceist more than 3 working days after the date of receipt of our order confirmation. In the event of an unauthorised cancellation Spaceist shall have the right to retain any deposit payments.


A deposit of 40% of order value is required prior to commencement of manufacture.


Final payment is required upon verified supply of goods.


Goods in contract will be deemed supplied upon satisfactory inspection by client at storage sight. Order items shall be uniquely identified, set apart, clearly and visibly marked by letters or figures or by reference to a pre-determined code. Items shall identify clearly the client as the person to whose order they are held and their destination as the clients site address.


Space plans and layouts supplied by Spaceist are the property of Spaceist Ltd. If you decide to use the layouts or plans but do not purchase furniture from Spaceist a charge of £500 is payable.