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Breakout space

Whether you’re looking to furnish a breakout space, common room, dining room or seating area furniture everyone who visits will appreciate the extra comfort afforded by breakout seating.

Our soft seating contract furniture range encompasses everything from traditional booth seating, modular breakout furniture and stylish banquettes to sofas and chairs.

Modular breakout furniture

Bench sofas allow you to maximise usable space, while our modular seating makes flexible furnishing easy and can be rearranged at will.

A mix of modular office sofa seating, chairs and cube seating offers limitless possibilities for changing the use of a room, perfect for multipurpose breakout seating london.

Booth seating

Breakout furniture booths and modular banquette seating work well in traditional dining rooms but are becoming increasingly popular in large shared workplaces, with high backed soft seating versions allowing privacy as well as being great for meetings.

  • Long Booth Seating

    19 Blue Booth


    Hard wearing face to face soft seating in a dark blue fabric.
    95d | 125d | 185d | 198w cm

  • 46 blue office sofa with no-arm rests

    46 Breakout Sofa without Arms


    Low back modular staff sofa system. Seat and back can be upholstered in red, blue, orange etc.
    171w | 231w | 291w cm

  • Sofa with Buttons

    46 Brown Breakout Sofa


    Hard wearing breakout sofa in faux leather with buttoned seat detail. Choose from a Chair, 2, 3 or 4 seater.
    171w | 231w | 291w cm

  • Brown Chair with Buttons

    46 Staff Breakout Chair


    Stylish breakout chair with a button seat and back. Choose from over 60 colourful faux-leathers.
    81w | 78d | 60h | seat 36h

  • Orange + black chairs

    Ace Chair

    A modern chair which is suitable for all types of commercial spaces including schools, offices & hotels.
    55w | 51.8d | 77.5h | 48h seat cm

  • Green meeting chair for schools

    Ace Chair 2

    Comfortable chair which is suitable for school, offices & hotel breakout or staff areas.
    55w | 51.8d | 77.5h | 48h seat cm

  • 3 seater sofa

    Ace Staff Lounge Sofa

    Curvy two & three seater staff room sofa with matching chair & side table.
    77w | 128w | 186w cm

  • Orange lounge chair

    Ace Staff Room Chair

    Curvy staff room chair with a matching sofa & side table. Colours include red, blue & green.
    77w | 128w | 186w cm

  • White Modular Seating

    Aiva Modular Lounge Seating

    Modular seating for students & staff breakout or lounge areas. Choose from fabric or wipe-clean vinyl.
    62w | 124w cm

  • Ottoman with laptop table

    Ana Ottoman with Laptop Table

    Shaped ottoman with a matching laptop table. Choose from fabric or wipe clean vinyl.
    118.4w | 109.2d cm

  • Ottoman with plant

    Ana Ottoman with Plant Pot

    Triangle shaped ottoman with the added feature of a plant pot. Matching laptop table.
    118.4w | 109.2d cm

  • Ana Stool with Wheels

    Low cubes with the option of wheels & fabric or wipe clean vinyl.
    42w | 42d | 45h cm

  • School breakout chair in grey fabric

    Artist Lounge Chair

    Angular breakout lounge chair upholstered in a range of colourful fabrics or vinyl.
    47w |  93.5d | 81.7h cm

  • Green 4 seater booth

    Booth sofa


    The Booth sofa is available in a two, four or six seat arrangement. Choose from wipe-able faux leather or fabric.
    65w | 125w | 185w cm

  • Duna black reception chair

    Duna Breakout chairs


    Breakout tub style chair. The tub seat comes in white, light grey, lime, dark red, red, brown or black.
    66w | 58d | 74h | 45h seat cm

  • 18 light blue fabric modular reception sofa

    Eighteen breakout sofas


    Contract grade staff corner sofa in red, orange, green, blue, purple and many more fabric and faux leather colours.
    227 x 227 | 287 x 227 | 287 x 287…

  • ESH Breakout Chair

    Lounge chair with a mesh back in three sizes for more privacy. Seat in fabric or wipe clean vinyl.
    85w | 180w cm

  • ESH Sofa with Matching Chair

    Lounge seating with a mesh back in three sizes. Choose the 125 cm high for more privacy.
    85w | 180w cm

  • Single study seats

    Forma Chair with Side Table

    Single chair with attached side table which is suitable for schools, offices & hotels breakout areas.
    121w | 182w | 243w cm

  • School breakout seating

    Forma U Shaped Seating

    U shaped seating suitable for schools, offices & hotels breakout or common areas.
    304.5w | 304.5d cm + smaller sizes

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  • Grey Breakout Sofa

    Grey Breakout Sofa


    Large dark grey U-shaped breakout sofa. Choose from 60 fabric or faux-leather colours.
    120w | 180w | 80d | 75h cm

  • Green modualr hangout sofa

    Hangout Modular Sofa


    The Hangout modular seating is suitable for breakout, staffroom, school & general areas. Choose from wipe-able faux leather or fabric.
    76w | 114w | 152w cm

  • Booth Seating with a High back

    High Back Booth


    Uk made high back seating for breakout areas & meeting rooms. Choose from 100’s of colourful fabrics.
    76w | 141w | 152w cm

  • Black and Grey Modular Breakout Sofa

    Hot Modular Sofa


    Modular seating for breakout & areas. Choose from a low or high leg version in faux leather or fabric.
    62w | 120w cm

  • High Yellow Sofa for a Canteen

    Hot modular sofa | bar height


    Bar height modular sofa system for breakout, staffroom & office areas. Choose from a range faux leather or fabric colours.
    62w | 120w cm

  • media lime green staff chairs

    Media breakout chairs


    Rounded staff chairs chairs in lime, red, green, orange, black or purple plus many more fabric and vinyl colours.
    60w | 62d | 79h | 46h seat

  • Breakout Blue Cubes

    Modular Breakout Cubes | Blue


    Breakout cubes which can be spread around your staff area to create more sitting at a lower cost.
    42w | 42d | 44h cm

  • Break time school cubes

    Modular Breakout Seating | Giant

    Modular breakout seating in a hexagon style shape which is suitable for schools, offices & hotel staff breakout areas.
    66.3w | 52.2d | 44 or 74h cm

  • green modular cube school seating

    Modular Cubes | breakout


    Green modular staff cubes in red, blue, orange or pink plus a large selection of colourful fabrics and faux leathers.
    82cm cube | corner cube | 38cm round cubes

  • green stripey modular reception sofa

    Modular Office Sofa | Stripey Green


    Stripey green modular system. Colours include red, orange, grey, purple, pink or blue & many more.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • pink fabric modular sofa

    Modular Sofa | staff breakout


    Pink modular break out sofa with chrome base. Seat comes in red, blue, orange, pink plus further colours.
    80w | 120w | 180w + specials

  • stripey banquette cafe seating

    Modular Sofa | stripey bench sofa


    Long stripey bench sofa which can be upholstered in red, blue, orange or pink plus a large selection of fabrics & vinyls.
    80w | 120w | 180w cm + specials

  • black button style banquette seating

    Modus Black Button Back Booth


    Black vinyl bench banquette seating with classic style buttons. Choose from three heights & two widths.
    110h cm

  • Modis dark green long banquette seating

    Modus Green Booth Seat


    Green bench style banquette seating in faux leather with vertical panels. Choose from two height & widths.
    110h | 140h cm

  • Banquette cream leather

    Modus Two-Tone Bench Seating


    Two-tone cream and black banquette seating with horizontal panels. Choose from two widths & corner units.
    110h | 140h | 175h | 240h cm

  • venus egg shape breakout chairs

    Venus breakout chairs


    Egg shaped upholstered staff chair. Seat can be upholstered in red, blue, orange or pink plus a selection of colours.
    52w | 52d | 74h | 46h seat

  • vinga staff breakout chairs

    Vinga chairs


    Red, black and white vinyl staff chair. Seat comes in red, blue, orange or pink plus a large selection of colours.
    49w | 50d | 46h seat



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