Modular library cubes

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  • purple green vinyl column seat

    Modular Cubes | Bishop Ramsey School

    Round pillar bench upholstered in green and purple contract vinyl. Available in over 60 bright colours.
    1/4 circle cubes | 60cm cubes | 38cm round cubes

  • orange modular cube school booth seating

    Modular Cubes | booth seating

    Hard wearing vinyl cubes in over 60 bright colours. Shapes can be made into many different arrangements.
    82cm cube | corner cube

  • circle modular cubes in brown vinyl

    Modular Cubes | circle seating

    Modular bar circle seats in hard wearing vinyl. Large number of shapes and vinyl colours to choose from.
    82cm cubes | 1/4 circle cubes | white shelf

  • wavy vinyl modular cubes

    Modular Cubes | curve bench

    Multi-coloured curvy cubes. Shown upholstered in vinyl with white dividing shelves and white trumpet tables.
    1/4 circle cube | white shelf

  • purple cubes U shape booth

    Modular Cubes | IPA

    Purple rounded booth breakout seating. Vinyl seat colours include red, blue, orange, pink, black or white.
    82cm cube | 42cm corner cube

  • Modular Cubes | library seat

    Modular library seat in grey vinyl with white shelf divider. Colours include orange, red, green, purple, blue and black vinyl.
    82cm cube | white shelf

  • manchester airport bright modular cube seating

    Modular Cubes | Manchester Airport

    Wavy modular cubes in a hard wearing wipe clean faux leather. Shown in orange, red and yellow.
    1/4 circle cube

  • modular blue pillar library chairs

    Modular Cubes | pillar seat

    Modular library chair that sits around a column or pillar. Vinyl colours include orange, red, green, purple, blue or black.
    1/4 circle cube